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- Critics agree the must see film of the year
is The Revenant.
The LA Times called it "Stunning."
A.O. Scott says, "Leonardo DiCaprio delivers
"an Oscar worthy performance
"and if he doesn't win he will probably
"lose his fucking mind".
Leonardo DiCaprio is "hard to watch",
"going too far"
and "will clearly do just anything at this point".
“Fucking insane.” “We're all worried.” “Just give it to him, already.”
90% of this movie is DiCaprio crawling through the snow.
A film shoot described as, "a living hell" by Academy Award nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
Entertainment Weekly says,
"If we don't give him an Oscar,
"his next film is going to be a snuff film or something.
"I think he's, he's gonna hurt himself."
"He stood in freezing Canadian water for endless hours.
"He stripped naked and crawled into a dead horse.
"The least we can do is give him a
little fucking yellow statue,"
says one concerned member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Academy award winners Martin Scorsese,
Quentin Tarantino, and Christopher Nolan all said,
"We're sorry we couldn't get him an Oscar.
"We really tried."
And now he's eating live fish.
Oh, gross.
A man behind you in the theater said,
"For the love of God, how many times can we make this man drool all over himself?"
He's like, "Blehblehbleh."
See the film that made Leonardo DiCaprio's mother say,
"Make the madness end.
"Save my baby boy.
"A Golden Globe is not enough."
Maybe if he wins, he'll make a comedy.
That would be fun.
Like something where he's got like weird facial hair
that's directed by the Farrelly brothers or Ben Stiller.
- Hi, it's Mike Trapp from CollegeHumor.
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And if you want to investigate the spooky old
McCreery house, even though your mom warned you not to,
turn to page 87.
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Please, Dear God, Give Leo The Oscar.

16264 Folder Collection
Vivi Lee published on February 29, 2016    Vivi Lee translated    Sally Hsu reviewed
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