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Theirs Chloe
who's like my oldest friend
we have kinda grew other the last year
I guess I kinda had my own stuff going on
like wondering why my best friend was growing apart from me
like wounding why I was having a secret mental break down
but what ever
its complicated I guess
there's no topping on this
you've opened the box upside down you div
then there's Izzy, she's so cute i've only known her for 2 hours but i cant imagine her having a negative thought about anything.
you two are so like a married couple sometimes
oh gross it would be like marrying my sister
yeahhh, so gross
there's 3 boys
chop, rating slice
he doesn't even go to school
chloe says he works down in a garage fixing cas or sommet
I don't care you say Jennifer Aniston is fitter then pammy
there's only one women who is fitter then em both
bollocks who
your mum
(all) hahahahahahahaha
finns abit of a grumpy sod
he's such a epic slice but he massively knows it
and finally archie
jabbers got a jam stain
i think im going to be sick, i generally think im going to be sick
jabbers got a jam that must be one or the dirtiest things i've ever seen you absolute scrubber
scrubber, scrubber, scrubber
what the fuck think you doing you
its all right taking the piss out of a girl isn't then why doing you take the piss out of me ey
you apologise to her now or i will fucking curl you up all right
right i'm sorry, i'm sorry
(both) sorry
you all right
(laughing) shhhhhhhhhhhh
does it feel good?
its all right yeah
this is heaven
i'm actually in heaven
he's using he's thumb to tap
OH MY GOD!! he's a sex wizard
(mum) Rae?!
(Rae) huh
I don't know what I am more upset about giving your boy back or
that's a lie
I do know
Rae I cant be friends with you right now
I just can't
ah look
its my decision
and in answer to your question
I know you've been asking
we had been on a massively regularly basis
do you the best thing about having my own flat is?
(Rae) aha
(Finn) aha
there was something about being with him
are bodies just went together
like sexually explicit Lego
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My Mad Fat Diary

1188 Folder Collection
Toria Kaulitz published on February 23, 2016
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