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Asiagodtonegg3be0 (Taiwan famous streamer)
Oh, that you talk about XJ9.
He was not popular and make so trouble.
Did you hear that some people says ugly guy like to make trouble.
When you make some trouble and no one will give a shit about you.(翻譯網站翻譯的)
You must be the side of righteousness.
You look like me. Garena ban my account. (Garena is LOL agents on taiwan.)
I call twenty thousand people to the streets. Garena will give up ban my account, and that is reality.
XJ9 just love to make trouble and do something wrong.
This is the tangible.
Really ah.
XJ9 like to make a trouble.
What??? Siv HD????
Be a fool that you can. Be a fool.
Who cannot be a fool ???
Let's to fight, teammate.
Do you want let him fuXk you?
six of Rod of Ages that you will so happy???
Don't start dream, OK?
Why did you feel so good to Play with some Bronze
Friend: asiagodtone is unhappy now.
Friend: You had not say that he is handsome.
Friend: asiagodtone do technique by himself.
Yes,I think so. Appearance is not important.
wow, Did anyone want........
Yep, I am not tricking!
I am not tricking!
If XJ9 did right things or justice things.
And Banned accounts by riot.
Dont talk about justice things, If he didn't do any big mistake and banned forever.
You think not someone will uphold him to go outside of street.
You think not?
Are you forget that my accounts "gg3be0"?
The Video of two years ago.
You can search it to watch.
And...and ...and I am just use my mouth to play game. But why did you banned me forever?
This game's behavior that I am not saw before.
That what am I talking about.
Garena return my account, so I am give up to appeal.
It's like this.
What's up???
The funniest thing is......I am not want to talk about that I goes Court~
Fuck off , that court.
No...no...no...no....I have wrong words.
I am talking about that what's happened of that Court.
I am so fast to talk.
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【航航】統神對xj9和sivHD的看法 正義將由世人所推崇

2364 Folder Collection
林陳陳 published on February 3, 2016
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