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What’s up Insiders? Pokemon Insider here back with another Pokemon top 10 video. Today
I am going to be going over my top 10 themes from routes throughout the Pokemon series.
Thanks for watching, and let’s get started. Number 10, Route 19 Unova. This song just
reminds me so much about starting a journey on an upbeat note, the way a Pokemon game
is meant to begin. Everything is going great, and you are about to go out on the adventure
of a lifetime filled with great experiences and new Pokemon. It sets up the beginning
of Pokemon Black and White 2 perfectly which lands it here at number 10.
Number 9, Route 206 Sinnoh. This song makes me think you have made it pretty far already,
but there is so much ahead of you. You are on the path to victory. It’s not going to
be easy; there will be bumps along the way, but eventually you will come out on top. Standing
on top of Spear Pillar, you will be victorious, and this theme exemplifies the feeling of
impending victory in Pokemon. I can’t take myself away!
Number 8, Route 101 Hoenn. Classic gen 3 music at its finest. This song makes me think of
taking a stroll from your house down to the shop at the end of your street just so you
can go back home. It’s a happy and upbeat song that gets you all fuzzy inside, well
at least it does for me. Is that weird? Oh, who cares, that’s how I feel, and that’s
how it’s going to be. Number 7, Route 210 Sinnoh. Now we find ourselves
back in Sinnoh for route 210 which makes me think of a journey that has gone on for a
while, and everything is going well. Sure, there have been a roadblocks so far but nothing
that makes the experience less great. It is the time of your life, and you know it. It
makes me want to hold on to that feeling and push through life with it, and I hope that
you can find that feeling too. Number 6, Route 1 Kanto. This goes without
saying but nostalgia rush incoming! This is definitely the first song I think about when
thinking about Pokemon routes. The memories from being a kid are completely overwhelming
me listening to this song, and I am not going to complain. Being a kid is awesome, and having
great Pokemon music that help stir up those memories helps a lot.
Number 5, Route 47 Johto. This actually reminds me a lot of Route 206 which was mentioned
earlier in the list. However, I feel that Route 47 does an even better job of what Route
206 does. It makes me feel like I am standing on a mountain top with a trophy in my hand
because I succeeded. It’s hard to measure success of any kind, but when I achieve success,
I want this song to be playing. Number 4, Route 29 Johto. You may have just
noticed that there are a ton of starting themes in this list, and that’s because I am a
sucker for a good beginning. This is by far the most peaceful and laid back of any of
the starting themes, and I like that because I think of myself as a pretty laid back person
myself. This song makes me want to take my time going through the first route of Johto,
and it kind of makes me want to never leave. Well then Cherrygrove, I guess we will never
Number 3, Route 201 Sinnoh. Starting your journey can’t be the best without the theme
from route 201 despite all of the other starting themes from this list. Sinnoh definitely has
a lot of the best route themes, and 201 is just another one of them. The primacy effect
is real though because I really like this route pretty much because it’s the first
one you hear when playing Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
Number 2, Route 209 Sinnoh. You know how I was saying Sinnoh has a lot of the best route
themes? Well, I think route 209 is the best of the best in terms of Sinnoh route themes.
The beautiful sound feels like it hits you like a constant gentle wave that you never
want to stop. Each little change in the song is amazing, and no matter which part you like
the best, there is something to love for everyone. Not only is there something to love for everyone,
but it is just easy to love. Anyway, good luck getting this out of your head.
Number 1, Route 4 Kanto. I don’t know if it just the phase that I am in now, but achievement
seems to be something that I want out of life really bad. This song makes me feel so accomplished
when passing out of Mt. Moon despite the fact that my journey has just begun. It really
does strike a chord with me because I am also just at the beginning of my journey in life,
but I feel like I have accomplished a lot already. Sure, I still have a lot to go, but
I am capable of doing what I need to be my best.
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Pokemon Top 10 - Top 10 Route Songs

2147 Folder Collection
Sean Huang published on January 30, 2016
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