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What makes a girl beautiful for you, Zayn?
Um, I said it all the time
The lads always laugh
Harry: We never laugh
We never ever laugh
Anyway, I think intelligence is the best
That is a large
It is a Maracka!
Zayn, you look great
I can't walk like a lady, man
That's not gonna happen
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Twilight with Harry Potter &($*$)#@@#$$$$%^&&
From Anna Horan, winter or summer?
Summery winter in Autumy time!
Amy Patou
It's just a name!
Patou Amy
Why did the mushroom goes to the party?
I don't know, why did the mushroom goes to the party?
Because it was a fungi
Can you see that sign up there, Louis?
Paul Adopt Me
Can you see a sign up there, Harry?
Paul Adopt Me
Which one of you screams the louder?
If you have to choose someone from the band
to be your slave
Who would it be and what you would make them do?
I'd make Liam be my slave
But I make him be my personal trainer
Um, no I don't think that's right
The point goes to Zayn
which means Zayn, you're the winner
Louis and Harry are getting brave with a group of birds
that very big and can run really fast to my knowledge
They're quite agressive
They can attack you if they're provoked
So I'm staying far away
while Harry chases after it
Ahh my doll!
I just want my doll back
Come here
I love you
Vas Happenin' doll
We were in America
We were in, um Malabami
Oh, malibu malibu sorry
Get off his hair
Get off him
Get off him, Harry
If I was a girl
I would date probably Liam
I'd date Louis
Yeah, I would date Niall
I think I'd date Louis
If I was a girl, I'd date Louis
I won't date any of you
'Cause nobody picked me
Get off
What is your biggest fear and why?
My biggest fear is water
Because I can't swim
How about when you drink it?
Ow, and your time's up!
I'm not going to accept that answer
So unlucky
What can I do?
Okay, and the winner is Liam Payne!
Wow, I'm proud of that boy!
He's damn cool
Yeah, it's true
I did not have a passport before One Direction
Remember to wash your hands before you start
You take the paper off 'cause paper doesn't tastes good
Zayn, what is your best impressions of taxi driver?
Oh, Louis man!
I love you guys, man!
I love you guys, man!
You guys are sick, man!
I love you, man
The next question is from Kati
and she wants to know
If a random mad man stole all of our fans
How would we get them back?
I would probably
become "Vas Happenin' man?!" and save them all
So, basically
I went to the shop
I bought a packet of crisps
and there was a guy trying to steal my crisps
So I ran away
What's the one thing you cannot live without?
We have a present for you
There you go
Thank you
Ah, It's lovely
Hello, sunshine
How are you?
Hello, you're alright, mum?
It's nice to hear your voice
Yours too
I just wanna say, your house is amazing
It's like a dream comes true
That's what I did, I told you
You worked so hard, Zayn
I'm so proud of you
I'm very very proud of you
It's alright, mum
If it what makes you happy, it is all good
I'm happy
I'm very happy
Well, get off the phone before I start crying
Bye, I see you later
The reason why I like audition for the show
From the start
Like I just want to be able to give back to my mum
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Best Moments of Zayn Malik

616 Folder Collection
程顥萱 published on January 28, 2016
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