B1 Intermediate US 1904 Folder Collection
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With the Internet of Things, cities are becoming smarter engaging citizens and
reinventing themselves. Connecting everything from wi-fi hotspots to mass
transit to emergency alerts. City planners are creating better and safer
places for people to live and work.
By integrating technology and driving innovation AT&T is helping city
officials reduce operational costs increase sustainability and plan for
long-term growth.
Now with smart lighting, a lamppost equipped with sensors and connectivity can
remotely monitor for everything from air quality to public safety.
In transportation, smart programs can alert drivers in real time about traffic
delays, synchronized light for emergency vehicles and suggest alternative routes
to keep traffic running smoothly.
In communities with aging infrastructure
maintaining water pipes is critical so now with acoustic sensors cities can easily
detect exact locations of water leaks making repairs more cost-effective.
A leader in smart city innovations AT&T has the experience of managing large
complex city projects combined with real-time analytics a strong ecosystem
and a global network, we are bringing the power of the Internet of Things
to make cities smarter.
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Internet of Things – AT&T Smart Cities

1904 Folder Collection
Jing XU published on January 25, 2016    歆茹 translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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