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So we are here in Nakano Broadway...
At a cafe called "Bar Zingaro"...
on the 2nd floor
and I am here with Jon and Leonard
Here is Jon
So Jon actually has a YouTube channel
So what is your YouTube channel name?
So my main one is "Nihonjon"
But I am not really putting content there
but what I am focusing on is my channel called "Book of Host"
and it is the real story of how I came to Japan as a mormon missionary
quit the church and came back as a student
and then that is where I worked as a host in a host club
and so I am telling that story through that channel now
So those will be linked right here
And Leonard! What up Leonard!
Hey, what's going on
This is my first time meeting Leonard...he's a cool cat
So Leonard briefly where are you from?
Well I have been traveling for the past 2 years...
coming from LA or San Francisco
I spent a couple of months in Tokyo and I like it
just been passing by ever since
He is an IT, camera genius whiz
Nakano Broadway has a lot of weird, interesting, unique things...
It it supposedly like the getaway from Akihabara
I guess a more low key Akihabara
So as you can see from all of these inserts that I am going to put in
You can find everything from like...
little miniature figurines...there are like so many of them
can't even count
cameras, used cameras, audio
audio equipment
there are also like weird pictures of like 5 year old girls that people buy
there are also like dolls or plushies and teddy bears
stuffed animal kind of things
basically everything you can find in Akihabara, you can find here
It's only my second time in Nakano Broadway...it's Leonard's first
Jon's the expert
Leonard over here is busting out his goggles...he's going swimming in the cafe!
So what is that?
These are the "Gear VR"
What is it?
The "Gear VR"
And it's a Samsung device
And actually Oculus built the software for this
And so last year, they released the first few versions, which were innovator versions
And actually at the end of last year, they released this one, the consumer version
What do you do?
It's a VR headset
What is a VR for the less technological inclined people
VR is virtual reality
Can you see me?
Hold up your fingers
how many fingers am I holding up?
One...your thumb!
Dude! I'm Ironman!
Dude, you know Ironman's thing when you see him inside his suit
That's me!
Light shield...check...arm missiles...check
Is this really happening?
No seriously...I got a little laser here now
So if anyone of you guys are watching this video and are wondering what guys do in Tokyo
That's what we do!
So much cooler than a girl's day...I swear to god
So if you guys want to join our little guy party, feel free to come
I am busting out with some..what are these called?
These are the Audio Technica R70X
Audio Tech...ahhh
I couldn't hear that part lol
That one!
So we just exited Nakano Broadway
and now we are heading to get some dinner at a steak place
Where did Chris go?
OH!!!! Whats up!
So right now we are in a standup steak restaurant. They actually do have seats over there but its basically all standup
and the average is like 2,000 yen
about 2,000 yen per steak
This is hit spot haha
Lets see if I can focus on this
Because they have a lot of garlic on their meat, they have this mouthwash here
I'm going to use this stuff
Yeah! Everything is 500 yen!
Yo! So we are on the second floor right now...in like a bunk bed area
This is an awesome awesome bar...look at this!
Look at this! There's a mini table
A little ladder right here
This is awesome!
Guy's night...this is what we do
We drink beers and eat steaks
This one is more yellow
Yo! So we are in this beer joint and we have had...I have only had like 2 beers but I'm kind of #$%%%
But we are going back to the Oculus...not the Oculus...the virtual reality
And we are looking at
virtual reality style! this is what guys do on a guy's night
stay tuned
So in VR, there is something called "presence"
"Presence" is kind of a term of art for the illusion of being somewhere else
so when you experience "presence" almost like subconscious like lizard brain level...you feel like your somewhere else
and that is actually something that is really hard to achieve
and only like the best headsets now sort of get there
but when it does...it is something that is pretty magical
and it's something that you can't really describe to someone...you have to experience it
oh #$%%, it zoomed in...oh #$%% it zoomed in more
Hey whats up!
That's a nice view right!?
So we are exiting the beer place
So I am here with Miss Vietnam over here and Miss Korea
What did you type?
So I just asked her to send a message from me to Chris Broad and ahhh
And I think she messed it up...because she is laughing and giggling like a little...
We have made it to the TBS headquarters!
That's the entrance...pretty tight
It's got the TBS logo...what is that a red guy with no arms...
Yep...it's a red guy with no arms
and he's got a weird nose...oh and he also has a weird head
it's like an alien guy
Oh #$% it's Yuki! SNOW!
So we are here just chilling...
We got ummmm, Izumi-Chan
Oh you remember?
I'm not that dr$nk...
It's my Ukrainian blood
Everyone has to get drunk
She's a Ukrainian YouTuber
Lets drink together
Yeah dude...lets do it
Are you strong?
I am guessing you are pretty strong...you are Ukrainian!
Compared to Japanese people...maybe...
Oh snap! She's talking about like 20 beers right here
She's going to beat me like big time
Who else do we got here...we have Ala over there..he's on his phone
We got Miki from Deep in Japan
We got SunnyDahye
She's from Bali
Yo speak some Indonesian...say "whats up" in Indonesian
That's cool haha
And then we got Kim Dao over here
She's Vietnamese
Yeah...she's an interesting lad...
And they are matching...
Twins today
Okay...we are getting ready for the live show...
We finally finished...
Oh I know why he wants to do this...because it has wasabi in it! haha
That's really wasabi-yyy
Is this for making? MAKING!
They love messing with me
That's going to do it for todays vlog!
See ya Yuki!
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Japan Vlog: Nakano Broadway [Coffee, Beer, Steak, TBS]

1503 Folder Collection
Chris Okano published on January 24, 2016
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