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Hey, Cleany. Good morning!
Good morning…
- Morning, guys! - Morning, Poli.
Come on, Spooky You went over the stop line.
That could be very dangerous!
I've got to go, Poli.
- Bye bye, Spooky! - Well, take care, Poli!
Bye! Have a wonderful day School B!
- Hi, Cap! - So! Another busy day, eh?
I’m on routine patrol How are you?
I'm doing just great! I’m the best taxi in this town.
Let me know if anything comes up and you need my help.
I will Take care, Poli!
Will do. So long!
The fire is out
Thank you, Roy! If you hadn't found the fire,
something terrible could've happened.
Thanks! Even the smallest fire can be dangerous.
We're lucky it wasn't worse Now, tell me Bruner!
Is your burn alright?
All right? No, I'm not all right!
I warned you not to touch anything.
He did…
What do I do now, Roy?
Don’t worry! Amber is on her way here.
- Amber! - Hi, Helly!
Where are you going in such a rush?
Bruner's hurt, so I'm going to the construction site!
Then, you'd better be on your way.
- See you later, Helly! - Take care!
- Helly! - Hi, you three!
Is the emergency phone out of order?
Uh huh. It doesn't work.
Which means we can't make a call in the event of an emergency!
That worries me…
It worries me more!
Come on! I'm the most worried!
- I am worried! - No, I am more worried!
It'll be okay! I'll have the phone working in no time!
That should do it Let’s check to see if it works.
Rescue Team Jin speaking.
Jin, do you read me?
Loud and clear Sound and video!
That's great! My work is done!
- Good job, Helly! - No problem!
Back to the Rescue Station!
- Take care! - Bye, Helly!
- Hello! - Hello!
Boy, that could have been worse!
- What happened, Terry? - What happened, Terry?
Nothing serious Just a little back end bump.
Be careful!
I promise Come on guys and help me unload!
- Hi. We’re back! - Hi. We’re back!
Good work, guys How are things in town?
Glad to report everything's fine Oh, wait…
Did Mr. Builder’s construction site have a fire?
Right! I got there quickly so there was little damage.
I heard Bruner got hurt Is he okay?
He only sustained a small burn.
But I took care of him and he'll be just fine!
I'm glad to hear that!
And Helly repaired the port's emergency phone.
I'd say we're having a good day!
You're all set!
You're loaded up and ready to roll
- You take care now… - Bye bye, Terry!
Thanks, buddies!
La, la…
Okay, here comes the curve… I'd better slow down a bit!
My brakes! I can’t slow down!
I've sure got a lot of mail to deliver today.
Look out!!
What was that all about?
Guys, its quitting time
So I think we should call it a day!
- Right! - Right!
- I can't stop. Look out!! - Whoa!
Uh… Did something just pass by here?
Doo doo… La la la!
Look out, Cap!
Sorry! Somebody, please help me!
Wow. This is serious! I've got to find some help!
That's it!
Rescue Team Jin speaking.
- Oh, Cap! - Jin! There’s an emergency!
- Terry’s in danger! - What?
Please give me the details!
Emergency! Emergency!
Terry's speeding through town shouting for
someone to come and help him stop!
I think he's broken something somewhere
Rescue Team members get ready to move!
- Right, Jin! - Right, Jin!
Helly, please determine Terry's whereabouts!
Right, Poli!
Somebody help me stop please!
Found him!
Poli, Terry just exited the highway
onto the Seventh Street Stone Bridge!
- Got it, Helly! - Poli!
I think taking Route Two to get to Seventh Street Stone Bridge
- Will be much faster - All right
So let’s get there before Terry does.
Helly, keep an eye out and tell us where he is.
We'll be waiting on the Seventh Street Stone Bridge!
- Terry! - Helly!
My brakes don't work! I can't stop!
Don't worry! The Rescue Team is on their way!
Just try to stay on course!
I'll try to…
Helly! What's going on?
Terry's coming down the hill now!
All right! Now, are you two ready?
- Right! - Right!
Look out!
Amber! You've got to hold on tight!
All right!
You're safe now, Terry!
I'm alive…
Everything looks fine!
But still, make sure you go and get a complete check-up!
Thanks a lot, Amber! Ooh. It's been a horrible day
But without you it could've been worse!
Don’t even want to think about how things might have been!
But now, I'm safe Thanks to all of you…
You’re welcome.
Being safe is what it's all about!
That’s right! - That's right!
Terry, Should you ever need help we're the ones you should call!
We’ll be there for you whenever and wherever!
Thank you. Because of you guys, you make me feel really safe.
Hearing words like that gives me strength!
That’s right!
My good friends!
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Robocar Poli S1 | #01.Rescue team of Broom‘s Town

7813 Folder Collection
蔡昕芸 published on January 23, 2016
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