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The new 1.2 turbo uses direct injection
a low inertia turbocharger and water-cooled intercooler.
Intense tumble effect insures a fast fuel mix
giving a high combustion speed which helps to prevent knocking.
The injection system produces multiple injections in each cycle.
The injection spray is thin, wide and short to guarantee an optimised mixture.
The new VVT-iW system allows a delay of the intake valve closing
which enables the engine to operate in both Atkinson and Otto cycle.
A new start and stop strategy was developed with a piston
that stops halfway in the cylinder and stratified combustion at the restart.
This ensures quick and smooth engine take off.
Newly conceived dog dish type curved pistons insure a stable combustion in all conditions.
Thanks to all this the 1.2 turbo delivers an easy and comfortable drive
with high torque from low revs and better performance for lower consumption.
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Toyota 1.2T direct injection turbo-charged engine

2426 Folder Collection
funny74722 published on January 17, 2016
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