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  • Hello Drinks Tube people. Ok we're gonna do a Quadruple Pleasure refresher and I know

  • what you're thinking you're thinking what is that what is a quadruple pleasure refresher

  • It's a lovely refreshing fruit drink so you can have it hot or cold but also while we're

  • doing it we're gonna poach fruit beautifully which you can use for breakfast or a dessert

  • so it's a quadruple cold hot breakfast dinner refresher so this is more of a principle recipe

  • ok so you can use any fruit that can kind of hold itself together pineapple being one

  • of them apples pears quinces anything that's not gonna go to mush so let's have fun let's

  • get on with it so we've got ginger love ginger very refreshing gorgeous fresh flavour just

  • do nice little thin slices and that'll poach and actually go really nice and soft then

  • I've got some vanilla pod here just split it I'm not gonna bother taking the seeds out

  • cos they'll fall out when we're poaching ok? Saffron alright you don't have to do this

  • but just a tiny tiny little pinch like that much some people have it if you haven't got

  • it don't worry about it it's kind of like a beautiful musky fruity kind of hum lovely

  • gives it amazing colour too, cloves, just a couple of cloves here guys alright and we've

  • got fennel seeds as well fennel seeds are fresh and then star anise and then a cinnamon

  • stick I'd probably go in with half a stick I don't want it to be like a medicine ok I

  • want it to be gorgeous so what I'm gonna do is add a litre of apple juice which is a nice

  • sort of base I'm gonna add roughly a pint of water I'm gonna turn it on we'll bring

  • that to a simmer so spices are in let's go onto our fruit now I just want the zest of

  • just half an orange don't need much clementine a totally different flavour but still a wonderful

  • citrus and then I'll just juice them ok? Pomegranate love doing this guys put it over your hands

  • and just squeeze it, but look at the juice coming out and the flavour from this will

  • be phenomenal, pineapple if you want a little tip on how to prepare a pineapple you can

  • click over to John Quilter who's done a nice little hack on how to do it, in half and then

  • into quarters then what we can actually do is remove the core that's hard I'm gonna leave

  • it quite chunky like that so I'm gonna plop that into our liqueur now the pear is a little

  • bit more precise so I use the speed peeler and very simply gonna go from the top to the

  • bottom what we've done there guys is expose that beautiful sweet flesh to the poaching

  • liqueur once you've done that get yourself a little knife ok now I'm just gonna run my

  • knife around and you'll remove that little core and you can remove all of those seeds

  • so in we go with the pear so look lovely people you can see that's just beautifully coming

  • to a simmer so don't have it too fast I'm gonna turn it down nice and low you can put

  • a lid on, we're gonna simmer it for about 20 minutes right, right have a look at that

  • that's had about 20, 25 minutes of poaching delicious if you're going to use soft fruit

  • like blueberries blackberries y'know strawberries now's the time to do it, we turn the heat

  • off and then we basically let it cook down we separate out your beautiful poached fruit

  • this fruit will be good for at least a week if not more really really wonderful so there

  • is our lovely fruit and then it comes onto the drink so y'know we can serve this hot

  • or cold so we can put a load of ice into this mint is kind of our best friend just wadge

  • that in this is hot now but of course you would leave it when it's cold a beautiful

  • refreshing cool drink memories kids all those crazy tropical juices in cartons absolutely

  • delicious but all natural and I've added no sugar to that right it's just natural sugars

  • in the fruit joy, so we did say this was gonna be a quadruple pleasure refresher and let's

  • just talk about what that means we have the hot kind of summery tropical mulled wine style-y

  • which is absolute joy and is delicious and gorgeous and then over there we've got it

  • cold with ice so hot or cold this is a beautiful beautiful thing and then we've got the fruit

  • and some of the juice that's gone into our lovely breakfast just granola lovely yogurt

  • gorgeous lovely start to the day and then a dessert gorgeous creme elegant fraiche with vanilla

  • tender poached pear juices, I mean it's beautiful so guys let your imagination run wild what

  • combination would you love to do have you done it before is there any little spice herb

  • fruit combinations that are undeniably beautiful let us know in the comments box below and

  • until next time lots of love guys take care, bye!

Hello Drinks Tube people. Ok we're gonna do a Quadruple Pleasure refresher and I know

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Jamie's Quadruple Pleasure Refresher! | Jamie Oliver

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