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Hello Drinks Tube people. Ok we're gonna do a Quadruple Pleasure refresher and I know
what you're thinking you're thinking what is that what is a quadruple pleasure refresher
It's a lovely refreshing fruit drink so you can have it hot or cold but also while we're
doing it we're gonna poach fruit beautifully which you can use for breakfast or a dessert
so it's a quadruple cold hot breakfast dinner refresher so this is more of a principle recipe
ok so you can use any fruit that can kind of hold itself together pineapple being one
of them apples pears quinces anything that's not gonna go to mush so let's have fun let's
get on with it so we've got ginger love ginger very refreshing gorgeous fresh flavour just
do nice little thin slices and that'll poach and actually go really nice and soft then
I've got some vanilla pod here just split it I'm not gonna bother taking the seeds out
cos they'll fall out when we're poaching ok? Saffron alright you don't have to do this
but just a tiny tiny little pinch like that much some people have it if you haven't got
it don't worry about it it's kind of like a beautiful musky fruity kind of hum lovely
gives it amazing colour too, cloves, just a couple of cloves here guys alright and we've
got fennel seeds as well fennel seeds are fresh and then star anise and then a cinnamon
stick I'd probably go in with half a stick I don't want it to be like a medicine ok I
want it to be gorgeous so what I'm gonna do is add a litre of apple juice which is a nice
sort of base I'm gonna add roughly a pint of water I'm gonna turn it on we'll bring
that to a simmer so spices are in let's go onto our fruit now I just want the zest of
just half an orange don't need much clementine a totally different flavour but still a wonderful
citrus and then I'll just juice them ok? Pomegranate love doing this guys put it over your hands
and just squeeze it, but look at the juice coming out and the flavour from this will
be phenomenal, pineapple if you want a little tip on how to prepare a pineapple you can
click over to John Quilter who's done a nice little hack on how to do it, in half and then
into quarters then what we can actually do is remove the core that's hard I'm gonna leave
it quite chunky like that so I'm gonna plop that into our liqueur now the pear is a little
bit more precise so I use the speed peeler and very simply gonna go from the top to the
bottom what we've done there guys is expose that beautiful sweet flesh to the poaching
liqueur once you've done that get yourself a little knife ok now I'm just gonna run my
knife around and you'll remove that little core and you can remove all of those seeds
so in we go with the pear so look lovely people you can see that's just beautifully coming
to a simmer so don't have it too fast I'm gonna turn it down nice and low you can put
a lid on, we're gonna simmer it for about 20 minutes right, right have a look at that
that's had about 20, 25 minutes of poaching delicious if you're going to use soft fruit
like blueberries blackberries y'know strawberries now's the time to do it, we turn the heat
off and then we basically let it cook down we separate out your beautiful poached fruit
this fruit will be good for at least a week if not more really really wonderful so there
is our lovely fruit and then it comes onto the drink so y'know we can serve this hot
or cold so we can put a load of ice into this mint is kind of our best friend just wadge
that in this is hot now but of course you would leave it when it's cold a beautiful
refreshing cool drink memories kids all those crazy tropical juices in cartons absolutely
delicious but all natural and I've added no sugar to that right it's just natural sugars
in the fruit joy, so we did say this was gonna be a quadruple pleasure refresher and let's
just talk about what that means we have the hot kind of summery tropical mulled wine style-y
which is absolute joy and is delicious and gorgeous and then over there we've got it
cold with ice so hot or cold this is a beautiful beautiful thing and then we've got the fruit
and some of the juice that's gone into our lovely breakfast just granola lovely yogurt
gorgeous lovely start to the day and then a dessert gorgeous creme elegant fraiche with vanilla
tender poached pear juices, I mean it's beautiful so guys let your imagination run wild what
combination would you love to do have you done it before is there any little spice herb
fruit combinations that are undeniably beautiful let us know in the comments box below and
until next time lots of love guys take care, bye!
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Jamie's Quadruple Pleasure Refresher! | Jamie Oliver

13529 Folder Collection
Ruby Lu published on January 15, 2016    Mikae Wu translated    Jack Lu reviewed
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