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He's the infamous dictator who oversaw the deaths of 12 million civilians, survived 42
assassination attempts and started the Second World War - let's learn something unusualy
about Adolf Hitler.
In 1877 Adolf's father changed his surname from Schicklgruber to Hitler. The future fuehrer
never knew the identity of his grandfather, and rumours circulated for years that he was
Hitler beleved men should remain celibate until they were 25. As a teenager he wrote
crude love poems to a Jewish girl but was too shy to give them to her.
Hitler's oral health was so bad he needed 8 root canals. The sugar-loving tyrant suffered
permanent bad breath, gum disease and a fear of dentists.
Hitler took cocaine twice a day 'to clear his sinuses'. He also had uncontrollable flatulence
and took a daily dose of 28 drugs, including extracts of bull testicle to aid his libido.
It may actually be true that Hitler only had one testicle. Military records, the official
Soviet autopsy and the deathbed testimony of a German nurse all suggest he lost his
left scrotum during the First World War.
Hope you learned something new about the most hated man in history. See you next time on
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Adolf Hitler In Numbers

480 Folder Collection
Robert Chang published on January 10, 2016
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