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  • Hello everyone.

  • This is my first presentation in my conversation class.

  • My first secret to spoken English.

  • Spoken English is not written English.

  • When we speak English, we do it differently.

  • Sometimes my students in Taiwan get nervous about

  • using some of my Spoken English tips.

  • They're worried it's not formal English.

  • Taiwan students know a lot of written English.

  • But, unfortunately they don't have very much experience with spoken English.

  • Let's take a look at secret number one for spoken English.

  • Quickly read these sentences aloud.

  • Don't think.

  • Just read.

  • Go.

  • And, you should be finished by now.

  • Did you say: "Where's the bathroom?"

  • or did you say " Where is the bathroom?

  • I heard they will be here next week.

  • She would have bought the house if it had been up for sale.

  • Did you know that was "had", or did you think it was "would"?

  • You shouldn't think to much.

  • You probably separated your contractions and said, "Where is the bathroom?"

  • "I heard they will be here next week."

  • and that means you failed spoken English because you separated the contractions.

  • Why did you separate the contractions?

  • You should have said, "Where's the bathroom?"

  • "I heard they'll be here next week."

  • "She would've bought the house if it'd been up for sale."

  • These are the way these words were meant to be read.

  • but, in Taiwan, most of my students separate the contractions.

  • And, I wonder why they do this.

  • Who taught you to ignore this essential part of our spoken language?

  • Who was the person that never made you learn to use contractions in your English?

  • My first secret is Don't separate your contractions.

  • Don't separate your contractions.

  • It's the first bad habit your teacher taught you.

  • I believe that the teachers in Taiwan

  • don't teach contractions

  • and instead

  • require the students to separate their contractions.

  • So, read them aloud again.

  • Where's the bathroom?

  • I heard they'll be here next week.

  • She would've bought the house if it'd been up for sale.

  • Let's start from the beginning.

  • The twenty-five most common verbs.

Hello everyone.

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口說英語的秘訣 - How Contractions are Used in Spoken English

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