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Hello OkanoTV fans. We are at Kiyou...
we just went into a dark tunnel...
where at the end you can make a wish on a stone, which was very cool.
and now we are about to
head over there
this is your first time right?
We are here in Ginkakuji, here in Kyoto.
Hey guys, so right now we are at Kiyoumizudera.
probably the most famous temple here in Kyoto
Hey guys, it is so hot. We are here at Heian Jingu right now.
walking around this whole temple and now we are at this little cafe in this beautiful garden.
there are so many places where you can wish to the different types of gods here
Hey guys, we are at a restaurant right now. We are outside right next to the river.
It is so beautiful...what do you think?
Yep! A straight up yep! haha
This may be my favorite restaurant.
Really? What do you like the most about it?
ummm, I just like the food...lol
From LA to Tokyo :)
so 200 yen and write down your problem on this man
and then you dissolve it in water
Of course mom literally rubs it and hugs it haha
Caresses it! haha
Thats not patting lol
What is she doing? lol
Lucky lucky lucky!
It's unreal!
Ice cream pudding for dessert.
That looks so good!
Yeah, I can't cut it...lol
You're supposed to wait 1 minute...lol
Hey guys! I am Katrina and I am Chris' little sister
and I think you should definitely subscribe to his channel, OkanoTV.
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Kyoto, Japan Vacation 平安神宮・清水寺・金閣寺・銀閣寺

1706 Folder Collection
Chris Okano published on December 8, 2015
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