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Okay hello Youtube. I'll be show you how to use
minecraft portable. Lets see.... Minecraft portable is for all you people
That has a computer that dosent have Java0:00:18.490,0:00:20.509 Or just doesn't have Java because
of uh... school restrictions
okay so you can see we have two different installation s. We have the regular instalation
and the Java portable installation
for today I'll be teaching you how to use the one where
Java is not present0:00:41.870,0:00:43.950 so we download both
And throw them into the same folder here0:00:48.080,0:00:51.430 I've created a folder called demonstration for you guys
Now just run Minecraft portable0:00:54.350,0:00:55.820 and
Let it create some files.. That was fast 0:00:59.850,0:01:04.340Now we need to drag Java into mcp_data0:01:04.340,0:01:06.990 that's where uh...
Minecraft portable can detect Java
by just let this load wants
and we uh...
put it the name0:01:21.420,0:01:28.420 Now just put in the username
now we will start
downloading the files needed to play Minecraft
And in the moment while
We let this thing download I will be showing you a program called
Minecraftsp is basically 0:01:52.280,0:01:55.000Enables you to change your name0:01:55.000,0:01:59.170 uh... on Minecraft so you don't have to be called player everytime
you connect to some cracked server0:02:01.430,0:02:04.910 The are many "Player"s there because0:02:04.910,0:02:07.440 they don't know how to change their names
Now with this you can change your name
what downside to this launcher is that you can't uh...
update using the official server ofcourse
it's a cracked client
uh... Lets play around while minecraft loads
but it is cut it down
spacehab right dot world
to its ninety
yes monograph
portable is working
said the current push it is by contrast one point six point six
logically pretty fast playground one point six point zero was just released
at a few days ago
now its working perfectly fine ninety two's checkup a single player
has treated you world
and just tested
inner-city test
now that people
as you can see it can be reached levels
uh... pretty fight him
yes nothing much
and if you ever want
to like carried on
it your
uh... memory stick
and bring it to school that fits how whatever she exited it is possible because
bill installation is actually beat it
uh... so that's it folks
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How to play minecraft on a computer without java (Windows)

1298 Folder Collection
陳嘉敏 published on November 27, 2015
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