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Once your child has mastered adding and subtracting multi digit numbers, then you can show them
how to do that with money and, again, you can use real money or you can use drawn money
either way. So let's go over here and teach them; it lines up the same way as any other
numbers. But teach them how to the decimal points always make sure they line up and make
sure you give it in a dollar sign. In each case make sure that the dollar sign is out
of the way in this case put a zero there. You don't have to but make sure that the dollar
sign is not squished up right under there. So we would add 5 6 is 11, carry the 1, 2
1 is 3 4 is 7. Bring down the decimal points that are important. Then bring down the 3
and don't forget to add your final dollar sign. To switch it up or to give them some
extra practice, teach them now I want you to draw this. So how can you draw it on money.
Oh just take from my pile of money and show me $3.71. So they can do that by giving you
$3 and 71 cents - quarter, quarter, a dime and a penny. There you have now with subtracting
basically the same exact thing have them solve it and have them show it to you in money or
you can reverse it. You can draw the money and show me the problem and solve it. If you
wanted to you would have to separate it like that and put one part of your money there
and one part of your money there is you?re adding or put one part of your money and say
that I want to take this much away. That is how we do worksheets on subtracting money.
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First Grade Math Lessons : Adding & Subtracting Money for First Grade Math

1054 Folder Collection
hope published on November 24, 2015
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