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Welcome. Okay.
My summoner name is Faker.
Faker is a negative word, but it's still cool.
I'm Søren Bjerg. I play mid lane for Team SoloMid.
I was born in a small town in Denmark.
One grocery store, one restaurant.
It's kind of like in the middle of nowhere.
I had a lot of bad things happen to me in my life,
so every time I saw an opportunity, I really wanted to take it.
People knew I came from Copenhagen Wolves or NiP,
but they didn't know how my life was before that.
As of now, what is your biggest fear?
One of my biggest fears is definitely
that I might just end up not being good enough anymore.
In a year or two there's gonna be a new Bjergsen,
there's gonna be someone who is better than me,
and it's gonna be hard for me to keep up.
There's a big difference between
someone who is confident and someone who isn't.
Recently, I have been underperforming.
But I'm confident that, from now on...
I can be the greatest again.
Happy birthday, Sang-hyeok!
When I first met Faker, he couldn't even look me in the eyes.
He was really a baby back then. Of course, he's still very young.
He used to be dark and gloomy.
It's amazing to see him becoming brighter every day.
-You have to smile!
1... 2... You don't look happy.
Again, 1... 2... 3.
-Why is nobody talking? -Sang-hyeok usually doesn't.
Stop staring at the TV and talk.
Sang-hyeok, don't you want to say anything?
Start talking, guys. Ask Sang-hyeok how it was.
- He's focused on the game. - Lee Sang-hyeok, you should turn that off.
Even when he was a baby, he didn't seem like a baby.
We all thought, "That boy, what's going on in his head?"
"He's a baby but he really doesn't think like one."
He has always been very stubborn,
and he always wanted the things he got into to be perfect.
Very serious, like, "Hey, man, you're going down."
You're talking as if they have no jungler and their jungler's not doing anything—
My dad, it was hard for him when I said that I wanted to go to America.
I wanted to go try new things in NA LCS and I wanted to go to TSM.
I don’t think we’ve heard—
"All right, guys, we're gonna look to snowball top lane this game."
My role within the team
is a lot more to be a leader than it's ever really been for me before.
...then we get one gank and then we play for bottom and we try to use TP with Mao.
We don't snowball top.
In my other teams I was known for being the carry, but I wouldn't lead my team.
I wouldn't really know what I would want my team to do.
I would just focus on my own thing
and if I won my lane and I did well, that was all I really needed.
I always thought Søren was special because he is his own master.
From a young age, I didn't live with my mother.
Since then, I've spent a lot of time with my grandma.
She became sort of like my mom.
Now that he's on TV everywhere, I think to myself...
maybe he was born to do this.
Sivir has no ult so I think we can fight.
Sang-hyeok usually doesn't say much. Some people think he's a mute.
My personality is that I usually just...
say what needs to be said.
Before I turned pro, I worried a lot.
But I have a lot more confidence in myself now.
It's hard to imagine myself back then.
Things are much better now.
Faker, as a player, is very humble.
He doesn't think he is the best.
He thinks there are plenty of players as good as he is.
But in a global arena
he is flawless, the greatest.
Legendary, even.
To feed international demand, Faker is sent to Shanghai for an appearance with Chinese fans.
Faker, we always call him like, “Wo Ke.” This means my favorite Faker.
He's kind of like a god in China.
Actually, Faker is very good because he's a very shy and timid guy.
And he's just like a boy,
so I think most of the girls in China like that kind of character boy.
Faker, I love you!
I don't think I'm fully mature yet,
but I think the difference between a boy and a man
is confidence and responsibility.
Do you like Chinese girls?
But can the League of Legends prodigy carry a nation
When a Chinese team made a massive offer to Faker-- nearly $1 million,
The Unkillable Demon King decided to stay.
Do you worry about Faker accepting an offer from another team?
I would be lying if I said I didn't think about that.
It's not like he's being forced to stay on SKT T1.
The decision always belongs to Faker himself.
If Faker were to move to another team
then I would want him to do well there, same as I do now.
I would cheer for him no matter what.
Last year, when you didn't make it to Worlds, how did you feel?
I didn't really watch the finals.
I just didn't want to watch it.
During the SKT T1 "K" era, he seemed invincible.
But at some point, the team started to falter.
Many skilled rivals started to appear.
At that point,
Faker couldn't win just because he was Faker anymore.
My performance last season wasn't great
so I wanted to do better this season and go to Worlds.
That's why I stayed in Korea.
He didn't go to school every day.
He didn't like to go to school.
So we took him out of school
and we let him play the game.
That was what he wanted.
Making the decision to drop everything and go into the LCS
actually wasn't that hard for me cause I didn't have a very good school life.
In school I got bullied a lot, I had some pretty abusive teachers.
It's not something I like to talk about or really talk about that often,
it's mostly something in my past that I try to forget.
I would be out of school for two weeks and then I would try to come back,
and it was just very hectic.
I don't know.
In the beginning I mostly got bullied for things like being skinny
and playing a lot of video games.
The bullying became very physical I would come back with bruises and marks,
and I would come back bleeding some days.
I remember one time two guys had a spoon,
and they cut the thing between your mouth and your tongue.
I knew it was bad but I thought I was just the one who took the hit,
I was just the unlucky kid.
If someone came up to hug me, I’d be, like— I’d try to defend myself
because I wasn't sure if they were gonna grab me or punch me or something like that.
The biggest thing video games gave me was definitely an escape.
It was a way for me to not be me and not live my own life.
I could be whoever I wanted. I could do whatever I want,
and that's why I spent so much time doing it.
I got very shut-off from the world.
It was just a really rough period for me, and it took me a while to get over it.
The first time I met Bjergsen was in Solo Queue,
when he decided to
basically flame me for being rank one at that time.
He was, like, rank three, he was trying to catch up,
and we had a one-on-one duel and he won.
He was like being... can I say "a dick?"
We'd known each other for two years, just online, I never met the guy.
He then joins Copenhagen Wolves, and I’m like, "We're going to DreamHack.
And you're coming with us." And he's like, "No, I'm not going."
I didn't really know how to function. I wasn't very good socially.
I didn't really trust my teammates around me.
-I pretty much only trusted Deficio. -There’s no way you're backing down from this.
Everything is sorted, everyone is waiting for you to come, and you’re gonna enjoy it.
Bjergsen chasing down. He's missed it, just about--
Pentakill! Coming in for Bjergsen!
How was the pressure coming into this last week,
actually your first performance here?
-Only 17 -Yeah, yeah.
I felt a lot of pressure, but, yeah, it went alright.
"Went alright." Went really good.
Congratulations once again, and thank you, Bjergsen.
After the DreamHack event I started streaming.
People knew who I was.
People enjoyed watching my stream. They enjoyed learning from me.
I felt like things were finally picking up.
That was the time where I felt like I could start getting over it.
And I wanted to share that with people.
With my recent success and happiness,
When I read the Facebook post,
I felt like it was something he had to get out of his body and get out of his mind
at some point.
...Things get better!
I feel like I got my— my brother back.
That point in TSM
was where I could ignore my past and I was ready to move on
and just become a better person from that point.
When I came in instead of Andy
and I had to take over shot-calling, that was a big thing for me.
It sets a lot of times where I have to take blame and that's just a part of it,
and I'm willing to do that.
That graphic means it's time to update your votes for who you think is going to win this championship series.
That is what TSM specializes in, getting an edge,
baiting a team into a bad situation, and then winning the ensuing fight.
Then Urgot means-- that means Urgot failed.
If we play a kite comp, I can blind LeBlanc, cause if he plays Cho, he won't scale.
He can't do anything in against kite comp later in the game.
I don't know, he might pick Kassadin.
Oh, and then LeBlanc? Yeah, fuck that.
-Don't blind LeBlanc. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Then all Bjergsen has to do is live mid. He can be Ahri, LeBlanc. All he is to do is live.
It’s Lulu, Janna, Seju, Kog’Maw.
It doesn't even matter what their mid pick is, our comp is so strong.
Oh, my word!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, but good Lord,
Bjergsen is crushing right now.
In the past people would say the Spring Split didn't matter much,
but now there is the circuit point system and
after winning against C9,
it makes us feel a lot more comfortable going into the Summer Split.
It makes us feel like there is a good chance we'll go to Worlds,
which is what we're all working towards.
...North American Spring Split, and they will do it once again.
The consecutive wins for Team SoloMid.
The Nexus falls
and Team SoloMid are the 2015 North American League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split Champions.
A lot of strength coming out of this team this season.
I could sleep for like four days straight.
I am joined by the game-changer,
the Dane in the Mid Lane from Team SoloMid. It is Bjergsen
getting the Most Valuable Player award here for the Spring Split.
Having battled depression has made me stronger.
I can be around people, I can meet new people, I can be sociable when I want to.
I could live a happy life. I could wake up and say,
"Today's gonna be a good day. I'm gonna have fun.
I'm gonna practice, I'm gonna stream, or whatever I'm gonna do, I'm gonna enjoy it."
Yesterday was nothing but photoshoots.
I wouldn't say I enjoy it,
but it's not bad.
There's huge amount of external pressure.
You have to find a way to control it
so you can do what needs to be done.
I will now summon Faker!
Hello, I am SK Telecom's mid laner.
It's 50/50. Some people will like him, some won't.
Some will talk and some will stay quiet.
He needs to accept that fact.
And the fans need to realize that
he's in it for the pure love of the game.
I hope people don't get the wrong idea about him.
-I think it looks good.
-This isn't a hat you wear backwards, right?
He looks like he's not smiling, but he is.
I've been unhappy with my play lately.
If I'm not pleased with my play,
I think about it constantly.
I want to ask you about the Spring Finals again.
Hello, I'm SKT T1 mid laner, Faker.
How did you feel when you were watching the game from the sideline instead of playing?
There is one reason why we... I needed to win.
I want to go overseas and show that I'm better than the other pros.
I thought I was going to play in the Finals, but I didn't.
I was a little disappointed.
What should I say...
I'll start again.
I was sort of heartbroken for him.
What sort of player would be smiling
not being able to play on such a stage?
Wow, we may see a Finals without Faker.
Well, there are two schools of thought here. Either give the fans what you want, DoA,
or you save Faker for MSI.
In the Spring Split, Ji-hoon and I took turns playing mid, so I was used to it.
But when you see your team win without you, the usual happiness isn't there.
From the team's perspective,
it's not just all about Faker.
The coaches have to look at the team as a whole.
We had no other choice.
To be honest, I'm really happy that we won, but a little disappointed I didn't play.
From now on, when I play...
I'll carry harder than Ji-hoon.
I don't know if I'd say it's a rivalry for me,
but the fans will definitely see it as like the American Faker versus the real Faker.
It's someone I've been looking up to.
He's always very innovative, he's always- he’s just always on point.
As for Bjergsen, he has superior mechanics
and he's really good at skill shots, so he's someone I'd definitely like to play.
I think Bjergsen is an outstanding mid laner.
I think he's definitely beatable,
but I also would say he's one of the best, if not the best.
“Happy birthday to you!”
I like to focus on one thing and make it happen.
It is time, the moment we've all been waiting for,
TSM versus SK Telecom, and let's take a look at the player lineups.
I didn't understand for the longest time why people would ever look up to me.
I'm just a kid that dropped out of school because I was depressed.
Bjergsen trying to pump that up, but Faker flashes out of it.
Escapes there. But Bjergsen with a little bit of a win in lane.
Compared to my friends, my fame separates me.
"League of Legends!"
Other than that I'm pretty similar to my friends.
Bang manages to get out, looks like Wolf may be in trouble,
meanwhile action in the mid lane,
Bjergsen in a lot of trouble. Faker gets the kill with the Twin Fangs!
Fifteen to three now, Bjergsen finally able to get the first turret of the game for TSM.
But things are still really looking grim.
How do you want to be remembered?
As the best player.
Pretty much comprehensively outplaying TSM across the map at this point.
Nearly a kill a minute for SK Telecom in this game.
It is so low. Out of the fight already. MaRin still chasing, he's about to go Mega Gnar.
Bjergsen dodges a building, and MaRin ults him for the kill!
Bang comes in. There is just nothing that TSM can do against SK Telecom.
There goes the inhibitor.
SKT with a dominating victory over Team SoloMid. GG!
Recently, I've been compared to a lot of other players,
and they say I'm not that good anymore.
I don't give much thought to the comments from the community.
I'm not too worried about the future.
I did feel embarrassed coming out of MSI
because I think our performance was, quite frankly, pretty pathetic.
For me, success is mainly being happy and enjoying what I'm doing,
but what really makes me happy is to win.
I'm not gonna accept not going to Worlds, I'm not gonna accept not doing well at Worlds.
I'm not gonna see myself step back from a disappointment.
There is only going forward.
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Legends Rising Episode 1: Faker & Bjergsen ­ "History"

8828 Folder Collection
郭忠霖 published on November 2, 2015
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