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This is Oxford,
the city with the oldest and most respected university in the UK.
King Henry II founded the first university here in 1167.
Steeped in academic history, Oxford is an enchanting city, known as
"the city of dreaming spires."
Here you walk in the footsteps of famous Oxford alumni including 6 historic kings,
26 British prime ministers, and over 40 Nobel Prize winners.
At the top of Headington Hill, close to the beautiful South Park,
sits the campus of EF Oxford.
Here students from all over the world live and study in comfortable,
newly renovated buildings.
The classrooms, multimedia iLabs and auditorium offer
a great environment for learning.
The social meeting areas are the student lounges and the cafeteria, serving
English food such as "fish and chips" as well as international food.
The lounges and self-study areas are fully equipped with free Wi-Fi
internet access for our students.
EF has developed the Efekta System, a teaching method that helps you progress
much faster with your English.
On arrival at school we ask that you do a placement test to assure that you get
to study with students of the same level.
Study materials include everything from specially developed books to multimedia
language labs called "iLabs" - and even films you can watch on your iPod!
As well as general English classes, you can choose specific interest classes in
topics that appeal to you,
such as business English, media studies, or exam preparation.
EF Oxford offers university placement services for students who wish to go to
university in the UK.
My name is Ruth Chambers and I'm the School Director for EF at Oxford.
I've been working for EF for 10 years and was previously the School Director in London.
Here at EF Oxford we are able to offer students a choice of either host family
or on-site campus residential accommodation.
Staying with a local host family is an excellent way to get to know the British lifestyle
and to practice your English.
For students who prefer a more independent lifestyle,
EF offers comfortable accommodation right here on campus, in single or shared rooms.
Every EF school has an Activities Office where we arrange fun things to do
after class such as sports and excursions.
First of all you'll probably want to check out the historic city.
If you've seen the Harry Potter movies, the Christ Church dining hall
and other places may seem familiar to you.
These buildings were used for the filming, appearing as the Hogwart's school.
Enjoy the cool cafes in the city centre and fun student traditions such as
"punting" on the river.
In this student city there's always a lot going on!
EF also arranges trips to famous places such as Stonehenge, Cambridge, and
Shakespeare's Stratford-upon-Avon.
London is less than an hour away by train so it's easy to go shopping and
sightseeing in the capital.
Or, enjoy a musical in London's West End!
Last week, I went to London.
And I went to the Madame Tussauds museum.
It was very nice. I loved it!
I took lots of pictures of my friends and the sculptures.
You can go to museums, to parks, to castles. You can do everything here.
You can party, you can go to pubs, it's very nice being here.
Would you like to study at a great school where you can rapidly improve your
English, and enjoy student life in a historic university town?
Welcome to EF Oxford!
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EF Oxford, England, UK - Info Video

3923 Folder Collection
Chamber published on October 30, 2015
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