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Hi, FoodTube. I'm Anna Jones and I'm going to show you how to make one of my favorite ever breakfasts.
It's bircher muesli! This is a dairy free breakfast and it's warming and delicious,
and exactly what you need to get you going for the day.
For this, I'm using almond milk which is dairy free,
but you can use any milk you want.
So I'm gonna start with the oats. The oats are gonna be the base of this.
Everyone's got them in the cupboard. They are super cheap.
I'm using rolled oats instead of the instant ones. The instant ones can be a bit more powdery.
And we are going to soak these. So they are going to soften enough a little bit.
We are going to use around 100 grams which is enough for 2 people.
These little chia seeds are pretty amazing.
They're really, really high in protein and they're packed with nutrients.
So adding a couple of tablespoon of these into your breakfast will give you a massive protein boost and keep you full until lunch time.
These are pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are really high in iron.
If you can't get hold of chia seeds, then you could just double up on the pumpkin seeds.
And we gonna add just about a tablespoon
So the real beauty with this bircher is that you can actually just make it with whatever else you've got,
and you can actually adapt this recipe to suit what you like to eat in the morning.
What we need to add next is a little bit of sweetness.
I'm going to use maple syrup. A tablespoon here.
Honey is the same as maple syrup is sweet but it's better than adding a tablespoon just plain refine sugar.
A little bit of vanilla extract here.
This is just gonna add some warmth, some kind of depth and some heady spice to this.
I love adding lemon zests to lots of things. You might think it's a bit of a weird thing to add at breakfast.
They're refreshing and I think having that in the morning is really, really nice.
The next thing is some almond milk. You could use any milk you like here really. I like almond milk because it adds a bit of a extra protein and a bit extra of energy.
I've got about 350 ml here which is going to be the perfect amount to soak these oats.
By soaking the oats and seeds overnight, we make this lovely, creamy texture.
But at the same time, we are actually speeding up the digestion process.
So that's all ready to go, and you can really smell the vanilla and the zestiness of the lemon in here.
So what I am going to do is just cover this.
I'm just going to use a plate. If you use some cling film or whatever and I'm just going to pop in the fridge overnight.
This bircher's been in fridge overnight.
You can see here that oats have puffed up a bit, you can see that the chia seeds have kind of swollen up a bit in there,
and it's lovely and creamy and thick. So I'm really happy with that.
I'm just going to pop that here, while I chop up a bit of fruit to go with it.
I'm just going to do a couple of pears, but you can really use whatever's in season.
Add a little pinch of cinnamon. I'm gonna squeeze over a tiny little bit of lemon juice,
and I'm also just gonna add a few of these sour cherries
I always do this fresh on the morning I'm going to eat it.
The bircher is brilliant to do overnight, so this is all the work done the night before,
and all you need to do in the morning just chop up a little bit of fruit or even throw some berries or dried fruit on top if you really in a rush.
Put other half back in the fridge for tomorrow, cause this bircher is actually good for a couple of days.
I'm going to top these off with a little bit of pear and sour cherries.
You know this is going to be absolutely delicious.
And then to finish off, just a tiny bit more maple syrup.
So here it is. My delicious overnight bircher museli. It's packed with nutrition,
it's full energy and it's completely delicious.
So I'm just gonna have -mm- that is really really good. It's zingy. It's lemony.
I can taste the vanilla, the cinnamon on the pears, the sweetness of the maple syrup,
That is really good. I'd love you to share with me what you make for breakfast,
what are your healthy breakfast options.
If you like this recipe, please give us a like. If you haven't subscribed to FoodTube, please subscribed up there.
It's absolutely free.
This and loads more healthy recipes are in my book "A modern way to eat"
and head over to Jamieoliver.com for loads of healthy recipe ideas and even more inspiration.
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Healthy Breakfast Muesli | #10HealthyMeals | Anna Jones

54120 Folder Collection
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