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Hey guys!
Hey guys, what uuuup?
So uh...
This is our height difference
I know! One day I'll grow. One day...
You shrunk...
Today, we are going to talk about
In films you might hear them use this word like “Oh man, is she dating Tim?! He's totally a rebound!”
A rebound is quickly entering another relationship after finishing with a previous one
and not fully letting yourself heal.
So you're just quickly getting into a relationship to forget about the pain.
Think about basketball.
You go for a shot and you miss, and then the ball comes back and you grab it.
And shoot again.
And shoot again. You get that rebound and you try again. Immediately...right after,
so you know...that's kind of where it comes from.
Have you ever been a rebound, do you think? That you know of?
Yes! Yes. This person I was dating didn't want to have a serious relationship because
their previous relationship was so traumatizing, so negative, blah blah blah. They were just
turned off by the idea of being in a relationship, but they wanted my attention and they wanted
my affection. But they didn't want to give me anything...substantial. They didn't want
to risk themselves for me. And I was so infatuated with them at the time that I let that happen, and
in the end I just got hurt. What about you Jun?
Um, I think I was definitely a rebound for one of my relationships, but I also know that
they were a rebound for me? So we were each others rebounds?
But you guys are friends so that's good.
Yea, yea yea.
But, I've had rebounds?
I've had numerous rebounds that uh, never work out because...
They're rebounds.
They were rebounds. Rebounds never work.
I was hurt. I didn't want to deal with it, and I thought it'd be a great idea if I just,
you know, decided know...just go for the next person that gives me all this attention.
I think that the common concern for a rebound is whether or not you truly connect with that person.
Whether or not you truly like that person because they're such an immediate relief
that maybe that's why you like them. As opposed to being completely healed, good with yourself
and confident.
Being prepared!
In all honesty, rebounds happen everywhere. No matter what country you're from.
No matter what language you speak.
Is there a word for it here in Japan?
No? Hm.
But I imagine it happens.
Oh, it happens everywhere!
Yea, of course.
So, our advice? Don't get yourself in a rebound relationship. Don' don't want to be
the rebound and you don't want to don't want to be the rebound and you don't
want to have...
To rebound off of someone else.
So take your time before getting out into the dating pool again. And get to know yourself
again as a single person.
Yea, that's really important. Reconnecting with yourself after being in a relationship. might find out that you've changed. That you're a different person.
And that you have a different type.
So, have you guys ever been a rebound? Or, rebounded off of somebody else?
Let us know in the comments below.
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【英語で「リバウンド」って恋愛用語があるの知ってますか?】リスニング力が上がる!普段使いの英会話 236

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張玉梅 published on October 13, 2015
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