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And though some say, the guard at the zoo just happens to look like a gorilla.
Others swear, on the moonless nights
They have actually seen the hairy man out of his uniform, hopping around in the gorilla cages.
Wow, that was sort of scary, but I got me a fable that will knock your socks off.
Let's hear yours, Stinxy.
This yarn of a horror is about the ever-frightening: Monkeycat.
In the dingy laboratory of the despicable Dr. Mischief, there lived an old furry cat.
One day, the cat snuck into the cage of a frisky monkey and got himself caught.
Dr Mischief watched as the monkey and the cat began to fight,
They became entangled together
And that's when the evil doctor got his big idea.
He cut off the monkey's head
And sewed on the cat's body and invented... Monkeycat!
Monkey Cat?
What's so scary about that?
It's a banana-eating, milk-drinking horror monster, Monkey Cat!
That's not scary. That's stupid!
I came to this sleepover to be scared, but I'm not! I'm just hungry!
Well, we ate all the pizza. I guess the only thing left to to is just go to sleep.
-Uhh, Sid, it's 6:30. -Oh, yeah, right!
I have a scary story.
One that'll scare your pants off. (What? Nah!)
I'm serious.
Alrighty then, let's hear it.
This is the tale of the Headless Cabbie.
A hundred years ago, on a misty, foggy autumn night,
just like tonight, a lonely cabbie was driving his carriage.
"Oh, Cabbie!"
Suddenly, a mysterious lady hailed the cab
she said she had lost her dog in the park.
I've been quite upset, and I wanted to clear my head.
You see, I lost my Scottie dog a few weeks ago, and I'm still hoping to find him.
Might we ride about the park?
Yes, ma'am.
It was cold out, and the lady politely offered her red scarf to the cabbie.
It's so cold out. Won't you wear this scarf?
Why, thank you, ma'am. It is cold out.
They had no sooner reached the woods, when the lady sat up, and said,
What's that sound?
The Cabbie looked around, but saw only the dark trees in the fog.
That sounds like my dog! My poor little baby! Follow him. Hurry. Hurry!
The Cabbie didn't want to go too fast,
because it was getting darker and foggier the farther they went into the park.
But the sound of the dog's barking grew louder.
The lady told the Cabbie to drive faster.
Faster, please. I implore you!
We're coming, sweetie! We're coming to save you!
It was getting darker, and colder, and foggier by the minute.
The wheels on the carriage made a crazy echoing sound as they rattled on the cobblestones,
but all the time, the dog kept barking. And the lady kept yelling,
Faster, do you hear? Faster, I say! We must save my doggie!
I see him!
"He's just ahead of us," the lady screamed.
The dog's barking echoed like crazy, and horses hooves were clambering on the cobblestones.
The Cabbie hung onto the reins as the horse pulled the carriage as fast as he could go.
And now, he could see the gaslights glowing at the end of the tunnel.
Suddenly, the lady stood up and screamed,
"Watch out!"
It was a man with a huge, golden hook for an arm!
"Argh!" And they barely missed him!
They swerved at the end of the tunnel and off the main road and down a steep hill.
The Cabbie hung onto the reins and tried to pull up his horse.
That's him! My doggie's down the hill! Go down there! Hurry! Hurry!
But the lady beat him on the shoulder, and yelled,
Faster! Faster! My doggie! My little Scottie doggie!
No one saw the low branch hanging over the path
until the Cabbie's red scarf twisted around and caught onto it!
And then, of course, it was too late.
The horse kept pulling the carriage, only now the reins were held by...
the Headless Cabbie!
People say that to this very day, when the fog comes down on quiet autumn nights,
you can still hear the barking of the demon Scottie dog.
You might also hear the rattling of the carriage wheels on the cobblestones.
And then, it won't be long till you hear the laughter of the horrible ghost lady,
and the next thing you'll see, coming at you out of the fog,
will be the haunted carriage, driven by...
A righteouly told urban legend, my brother.
Harold, are you okay?
Easy squeezy lemon peasy
Oh, come on, Harold! It's only a crazy made up ghost story.
Right, Arnold?
Right. Yeah.
It's not like it actually happened or anything.
Well, a yarn like that sure gives me an appetite.
Let's go out and get some ice cream, fellows.
-What do you say? -No, no!
We can't leave! We can't go anywhere!
Come on, Harold. You will be fine! We'll all go together.
-You promise? -We promise.
Ohhh, Okay.
Hey, hey hey! Wait a minute!
This is City Park. I'm not going in there.
Harold, we are gonna go get ice cream, and the fastest way is through the park.
Can't we take some other way?
-It's the fastest way! -Come on. Don't be a baby.
Come on, man! There is no horse and buggy, or laughing lady and headless cabbie.
It's just an urban legend.
Yeah, Harold, my grandpa told it to me
And he always makes up stories.
-We will be fine. -Okay.
I'll go, but only because I'm really really hungry!
It's me, Harold, the Headless Cabbie!
STOP IT!!!!! Stop it, Sid, stop it or I'll pound you.
Hold on, fellows. Do you hear barking?
NO!!!!! It's the demon Scottie dog!!!!!
It's just the happy little old mutt come sniffing up to us, Harold.
There ain't nothing to be scared of.
No! No, no, no, it's the demon Scottie dog.
Don't touch it. It'll put its spell on us and we'll all end up with our heads cut off.
Come on, Harold. Relax!
It is kind of weird coincidence
I mean, it's just like the dog from the story.
Ohh, shucks. He's just a nice old boy.
We can't just leave him here. I'll reckon , I'll take him with me.
No! No, no, no! Oh, come on, Harold.
What's that? It sounds like a horse, just like in the story.
It's the Headless Cabbie?
Hi, guys!
You scared the stuffing out of us, Eugene.
Oh sorry, I was just practicing for my clog-dancing class.
Clog-dancing on the cobblestones in the early evening?
Now I've seen everything.
Oh, I hate this! First the dog, then Eugene.
This whole sleepover is scaring me to death.
Let's get out of this park and get some ice cream! NOW! PLEASE!
We're almost through the park, Harold. See, here's the tunnel.
A tunnel? I ain't going in any tunnel!
Aww geez, I don't want to!
Man, this is creepy. It's just like in Arnold's story.
What story?
The Headless Cabbie.
Gosh, what's it about?
Don't tell it Arnold! I don't want to hear it!
We're already in the dark foggy tunnel and the demon Scottie dog's barking.
And at the end of the tunnel is gonna be a man with a golden hook for an arm.
Harold, that's not gonna happen. We are almost out of the tunnel, see?
Yeah, I guess you are right.
It's the man with a golden hook for an arm!!!!!
Just wanted to sell 'em a quality watch.
Wait! Stop you guys! Nobody's chasing us.
Just let our imagination get carried away.
What imaginations! That, that guy with a golden hook for an arm,
And the barking dog!
It's all coincidence, Harold.
Speaking of coinky dinks, Arnold Looky there!
Oh, the red scarf and the Headless Cabbie!
You guys! Cut it out! This is crazy.
It's just an old scarf. There's nothing weird going on here.
Eugene, can you please stop clogging?
I'm not doing anything.
What is it, boy?
Here you go, it's me, Ernie!
Ernie? What are you doing here?
What's it look like I'm doing? I'm driving this buggy at night to earn some extra cash.
Got a problem with that?
But who's that lady laughing?
That was no lady! That was me!
-Mr. Hyunh? -Yes!
I have a very creepy laugh.
Can we get out of here now?
Alright, alright. Hop in, I'll give you guys a ride home.
Who wants to hear my creepy laugh? Hahahah!
Oh, stop it! Stop laughing please, MOMMY! No!!!!!
(saying goodbye)
-What a night! -Tell me about it.
Ooohh, I'm the Headless Cabbie! Where's my head, Harold?
Stop it, Sid, please.
Ahahahaha! I'm the laughing lady, Harold. Haha!
Stop! I'll never pound you again. I promise, just stop it!
Cabbie, I'd like a ride around the park, please.
Yes, ma'am.
I lost my Scottie dog a few weeks ago, and I'm still hoping to find him.
It's so cold out. Won't you wear this scarf?
Oh, thanks lady. It's pretty cold out tonight.
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Hey Arnold *** "Headless Cabbie"

6850 Folder Collection
Vivi Lee published on October 6, 2015    Vivi Lee translated    陳怡平 reviewed
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