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"Not here, not yet."
"Embracing life means accepting death."
"Panic not when life ebbs."
"All sparks kindle new flames."
"Depart in peace."
"Hush now."
"You shine brightly."
"Drift gently into oblivion."
"How one dies shows how one lived."
"Run if you can!"
"They struggle! Good!"
"They break too easy!"
"They tire fast!"
"Ready to chase? Too bad!"
"This will hurt - lots!"
"No more words!"
"Tear out the throat!"
"Rip them to bits!"
"This one is yours."
"Lamb calls!"
"Wolf strikes."
"A careless step..."
"Then teeth!"
"Life is ours..."
"... to end!"
"Go easily."
"No! Thrash! Flee!"
"Time to..."
"... end this."
"Flee - or stand firm."
"Doesn't matter!"
"Day always turns to..."
"... food!"
"For us, or them?"
"Sharp enough to slice the veil between life and death."
"A sharper blade makes for a cleaner death."
"They shall only hear my voice."
"Cut them deeper!"
"Strip away their armor."
"Rip it to shreds!"
"I thirst more!"
"It courses with stolen lives."
"They shall not ignore us so easily."
"Forged in a land unwelcome to us."
"Another friend."
"They will see two of me!"
"Never one..."
"... without the other."
"Never one..."
"... without the other."
"Every life..."
"... ends with us."
"We take our mark!"
"Only to place it elsewhere."
"Our mark is lifted."
"Who's next?!"
"That was a good chase!"
"No match for me!"
"None are, dear Wolf."
"Such befalls all who bear our mark."
"We win!"
"Always, dear Wolf."
"Hahahahaha, that was fun!"
"Who's next?"
"All your life has led to this moment."
"All life is temporary."
"All things, great and small..."
"... die."
"Fun chase!"
"No match for us!"
"Few are, dear Wolf."
"The chase ends!"
"More lie ahead, dear Wolf."
"Well hunted, dear Wolf."
"If it draws breath..."
"... it meets us."
"Return to nothing."
"The weft and weave of fate guide-"
"The hunt is back on!"
"Are you there, dear Wolf?"
"I am, little Lamb."
"Are you sad?"
"I am."
"What does it feel like?"
A long hunt with no kill.
"Lamb, tell me a story."
"There was once a pale man with dark hair who was very lonely."
Why was it lonely?
"All things must meet this man; so they shunned him."
"Did he chase them all?"
"He took an axe and split himself in two right down the middle."
"So he would always have a friend?"
"So he would always have a friend."
"Is it time?"
"We will soon awaken from this pale slumber."
"Is this what it feels like to end?"
" I do not know, for this is not our end. "
"Do others come back?"
"Those who do, wish they hadn't."
"How old are we, Lamb?"
"Older than those whose footsteps are long vanished."
"Many years."
I remember them all.
"Have they forgotten us yet, little Lamb?"
"All still know us, though they try to forget. Soon we will remind them."
"What do all stories have in common, dear Wolf?"
"They end."
"No! That was mine!"
"You stole my chase!"
"That was meant to be ours."
"We shall remember this theft."
"What folly it is to snatch our marks."
"An emboldened thief."
"I will eat it!"
"You overstep."
"How fast can you run?"
"You steal from us..."
"We steal from you."
"The masks of the Kindred seek you!"
"We have your name."
"And your scent!"
"The hunt begins!"
"Your time has come."
"Ready or not!"
"Our mark looms over you."
"Treasure your final moments."
"This one is ready!"
"Eternal twilight calls for you."
"Run! Now!"
"There you are!"
"We know your name!"
"We have always known it."
"Fate hunts you today."
"When you see us..."
"... it's too late!"
"A fine life reaches its conclusion."
"I hope this one has strong legs!"
"I will chase it until it's dead!"
"Your next treat, dear Wolf."
"Shall we, dear Wolf?"
"Race you there!"
"This next one will be easy."
"And if not?"
"More fun."
"Their path is destined to cross ours."
Its heart beats fast now!"
"It knows."
"Hold still, Wolf."
"Ahh! Don't shoot me!"
"What happens if you miss?"
"I don't know."
"Words, words, la la la, pew pang pew!"
"Are you imitating me?"
"I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm bored, chase chase chase!"
"You get it now!"
"The weft and weave of fate guides... um... uh... how did that poem go again?"
"Those who dread us grant us the most power."
"We are not dreams. We are the waking."
"The only true death is to never live.
"There are so many ways to die.
"Those who run from death... stood still in life.
"All will know us... in time.
"Beauty fades. That is why it is beautiful."
"Wolf chases what does not willingly go."
"Tomorrow is a hope, never a promise."
"Hurry, Lamb. Faster."
"I smell their fear."
"None can hide."
"Follow their tracks."
"Bits of them stick in my claws!"
"Fear makes the chase more fun!"
"All who run are mine!"
"Can't wait for them to flee!"
"I smell prey!"
"How does hunger feel?"
"Always there."
"I wonder how they see me."
"Ashes on wool."
"What sound do they make?"
"Feathers falling on fresh snow."
"None can hide!"
"Though many try."
"They race from us!"
"Only to find us sooner."
"The weft and weave of fate guides-"
"Words spoil the chase!"
"All things linger..."
"... in our shadow."
"They know we'll come."
"Yet they are never prepared."
"How long will we be together?"
"Forever more."
"Peacefully, they go."
"Hungry, we follow!"
"They laugh."
"And scream!"
"And dance."
"And flee!"
"And everywhere Lamb went..."
"... Wolf was sure to follow."
"And everywhere Lamb went..."
"Wolf was sure to follow!"
"Go, Wolf!"
"Run them down!"
"My turn!"
"Chase to your heart's content."
"Now, Wolf!"
"My turn!"
"I see water!"
"They're called... tears."
"Chasing is the best game in the world... and I always win!"
"I'll give you a running start!"
"Not that it will help."
"It thinks it can beat us!"
"This is called... denial."
"Choose now - my arrows..."
"... or my teeth?!"
"We understand your loneliness, but..."
"Stay away!"
"Pop the balloon!"
"We know your name child. Woven across countless almost-lives."
Rushing to meet us again, I see.
Have we met before?
"His song sound good."
"The singer mistakes melody for substance."
Long have we shadowed your deeds.
Turn and face us now.
"Trees make a boring chase!"
"Chase the cat!"
"Rengar is well-versed in the ways of the hunter."
"Now, he's prey!"
"Come, Sion, let us end this mockery."
"Sometimes, death is a blessing."
"There are no wolves like me!"
"Shine once more, before the end."
"Savour life's closing act."
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Kindred, voice - quotes

1460 Folder Collection
葉家其 published on October 5, 2015
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