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Hey guys! This one’s for all my Arianators out there, whoop whoop! Draw My Life have
invited me to draw my life. Thanks guys! Here it is….
I was born Ariana Grande... which was ironic because I was actually really small, on June
26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida. My mum, Joan Grande, is the CEO of a telephone and
alarm systems company. My dad, Edward Butera, owns a graphic design company. I have one
older brother, Frankie, who is a musical theatre actor and he has his own YouTube channel.
My name was inspired by Princess Oriana from the Felix The Cat cartoon... which is funny
because I’m allergic to cats... and because I dress up in cats ears all the time. Meow!
I’ve always liked dressing up. When I was a kid my mom thought I would become a serial
killer because I used to dress up in Halloween masks all year round. Growing up I only ate
organic food... and fish. Meow! ... just to clarify, I am not a cat.
My inspiration to pursue a career in the music industry came when I was eight and the legendary
Cuban singer Gloria Estefan complimented me when she heard me singing on a cruise ship
(pause)... that was also the age at which I stopped growing.
By the way – I don’t think the two are linked.
When I was ten I co-founded my own youth singing group, I also joined the Fort Lauderdale Children’s
Theatre, my first stage performance was as Annie, and that was before I even had my red
hair! I made my US television debut singing the Star Spangled Banner before a Florida
Panthers ice hockey game. I loved singing so much when I was 14 I flew to LA to speak
to music agents and pitched them the idea of my own R&B album ... OG Gangster Grande.
They said no ... sad face! But then I landed a role as a cheerleader in the broadway musical
13, even though I was 15. Ssssshhhhh!
In 2009 I auditioned for a new Nickelodeon TV show, Victorious. I was cast as the bubbly
aspiring singer actress Cat Valentine, meow! The rest of the cast were brunettes, so the
producers asked me to change my hair colour to red. I agreed to do it, but the show got
picked up for 3 seasons! It was a hairtastrophe... no wait, a total night-hair! Yeah that’s
better. I wanted to just curl up and die ... but instead, I had to curl up and dye ... my hair,
every other week for over 4 years! That’s why I wear my hair in a ponytail so much,
dying it all the time totally weakened it and now I have to wear extensions. Even though
I love acting and had so much fun on Victorious, what I really wanted to be was a singer.
Even while I was on Victorious I would upload videos of myself singing Whitney Houston and
Mariah Carey songs to YouTube. Somewhere out there in the deep space of the internet, past
all of the cats playing pianos and beyond the Game of Thrones memes, somebody found
my videos and sent them to the CEO of Republic Records. He liked them so much he wanted me
to Stick Around… stick around around and offered me a record deal.
I released my debut album Yours Truly in August 2013, it took almost 3 years to make, but
it was worth the wait and debuted at number 1 in the Billboard chart. I won the New Artist
of the Year award at the American Music Awards. I was even invited to the White House to sing
for the President. For my second album I didn’t have as much time, so I got some help from
One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, he helped me produce it. I also teamed up with Aussie rapper
Iggy Azalea, (australian accent) G’day, and German super producer Zedd. I released
My Everything in August 2014 and it debuted at number one... again. I’ve even got to
collaborate with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj Bang Bang into the room!
It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. I’ve had a couple Problems problems problems problems.
During my performance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show I got hit in the face
by one of the angels wings. Ouch! And there was that time I might have told some of the
Ariana Army to F*** off and die, I guess some things are Better Left Unsaid. I dated Australian
YouTuber Jai Brooks and then The Wanted singer Nathan Skyes ... and then Jai Brooks again,
I gave him a chance to Love Me Harder, One Last Time. But he didn’t, so I started dating
rapper Big Sean. The Big Grande should have been a colossal collaboration ... but in the
end I had to Break Free.
I have 6 dogs, they are called Sirius Black, Cinnamon, Fawkes, Coco, Toulouse and Ophelia.
I follow the teachings of the Kabbalah religion. After watching the documentary Blackfish I
urged my fans to boycott Seaworld, and I became a vegan. I’m hypoglycemic, I’m allergic
to shellfish, bananas and dark chocolate. And pretty soon you will be able to see me
back on the small screen acting in a new comedy horror TV show with Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee
Curtis, Lea Michele and Nick Jonas. I’ve won American Music and MTV video music awards.
I have an estimated net worth of $16 million (pause)... and I’m only 21. That was my
draw my life, thanks for watching guys, don’t forget
to subscribe.
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Ariana Grande | Draw My Life

1592 Folder Collection
Wei Chun Hsu published on September 30, 2015
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