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So if you guys didn't know, this place is at Chitose-Funbashi Station on the Odakyu Line.
We are on our way to Curry Shop Shimizu
which is run by Shimiken, who is a famous pornstar
This guy has been in the industry for like 20 years.
And one of his most popular videos was when he ate poop.
for ichi-man. Yep, he ate poop for ichi-man. That is pretty cheap! lol
But that is the reason why he started this poop curry shop because he knows the taste of poop...
How lovely.
We are heading to the curry shop!
It legit stinks!
It really smells like poo
Honestly, I am not that affected by it,
maybe because I love poop
But I am ready to eat this big sized piece of curry
poop curry
I am going to get this sticker. I am going to get this STICKER!
This is the only restaurant with febreze on the
Here it goes!
Really good!
Good for your health!
Yeah! I can eat the whole thing!
and get a sticker lol
The chef is laughing at him lol
He's getting some rice in there.
Yep, lets get some rice in there.
It's actually okay
Sorry guys false alarm. It tastes like shit.
I'm so nervous. I'm like shaking...
She is shitting herself lol
Are you crying?
No I'm not. It's not so bad
It's not so bad
Yeah, there is an after taste which is
not pleasant but you can just wash it down with rice
Okay, so it's going to go in and then it's going to go out. Lets do this
What do you think Chris?
I'm just
When you say the liquid is bad. The liquid IS bad
Are you crying?
I'm crying! lol
Chris is getting very quite right now...
How is it bro?
Is mine okay?
To get the sticker, you have to drink the soup
The soup is the worst bit
The soup really is the worst bit
Slurp it up Chris!
As the French say, Bon Appetite!
This is what I won for eating a massive bowl of shit curry!
Chris and Stu
Eating poo
VIP seats! You have to pay 500 yen extra to sit on a toilet to eat
Stu and I are the first two foreigners to eat the big shit!
Lets go!
We are the biggest foreign shit eaters!
Representing the US and the UK!
Yo, we can eat shit!
That's the curry topping!
Way better then the smell of shit
It smells like a park
Chris is going to try the raw sting ray
It's hard to chew?
Hard to chew and tastes like poo!
Oh my god!
He's going to go...
And...we ended up in McDonalds...
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Poo Flavoured Japanese Curry

36330 Folder Collection
Chris Okano published on September 24, 2015
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