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Some of the things that's gonna happen when you look out and see what can I contribute to, what can I give..
I guarantee you ladies and gentlemen you are gonna have a voice that saying
" It's just no uses, it's out of control now."
There will be a voice telling you that
" You will be wasting your time and wasting your energy and wasting your effort "
I say, don't listen to it. Listen to that still small voice that says:
" I can do something."
" And I ought to do it."
We ought to do it.
Nothing can resist the will of the people.
That will stake even their existence
on extended their purpose for good.
I strongly believe that...
That all of us have some work to do.
That each one of us showed up to do something. That each one of us showed up...
to contribute something to life.
And that if we don't do it...
it will not be done.
Be the one who want to help and contribute to youth
or do something for the homeless whatever you want to do.
If you get up in the morning out of sense of all this and decide
that, "I'm the opening for the universe".
The life can work through and use me
as a channel and as a instrument for change.
How will you serve the world?
What do they need
that your talent can provide?
That's all you have to figure out.
I can tell you from experience,
the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.
You are ready and able
to do beautiful things in this world.
And after you walk through those doors today,
you will only ever have two choices:
or fear.
Choose love.
And don't ever let fear...
turn you against your playful heart.
Begin to see yourself as a opening for the universe,
to move through, to work through,
to make a difference in life.
See yourself being used by life, to improve quality of life, to expand and to grow.
If you wait until
you can do everything for everybody
instead of something for somebody,
you'll end up doing nothing for nobody.
Be The change you want to see
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Be The Change - Inspirational Video

26885 Folder Collection
Adam Huang published on September 17, 2015    Arnold Hsu translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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