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  • It's Adam! It's Kristina!

  • And today... ..we're talkin about..

  • porn! Porn!

  • We watch porn together, we watch porn separately! And then we mail each other...what pornos we've seen!

  • One time...I saw a porn that I was almost sure she was in it!

  • But she wasn't in it. It wasn't her.

  • The person I was dating however...saw that porn and got really jealous that Adam had sent me this porn.

  • And was like, “Why does he keep that porn of you??” And I was like...

  • He didn't keep it..” I didn't keep it. I sent it to you. I gave it to you.

  • Exactly!

  • I don't have it anymore. Calm your tits!

  • Do you think it looked like you? No. I mean...I was flattered cuz the chick was hot.

  • She just happened to be brown and had like a long nose.

  • Are you calling me racist? Yup!

  • Something that might not be common in Japan...but are growing in popularity are...

  • Pornography parodies of feature films. There we go!

  • Do you know Bob's Burgers the animated series? I love that show.

  • So good... There is a porn parody of Bob's Burgers.

  • Have you seen it? I've seen the commercial, I could not watch

  • the porn because I was too into the series! That series makes me think of meat and burgers!

  • And I don't want to ruin it to see someone's genitalia.

  • Family! Have you ever seen Game of Thorns? I have, that's one of my favorite series.

  • There's a game of thorns parody. That sounds fucked up!

  • It's a game of bones. Is that what's it called?

  • Game of bones...For you listeners out there that might not know what Game of Bones is a joke.

  • That a bone is an erect penis. Boner is another phrase you might know!

  • You might, you might know it. So Game of... Bonessssss!

  • What's another title? Oh, hey you guys know SpongeKnob Squarepants?

  • Nooooooooo! Spongeknob, square nuts.

  • YADAAAAAAAAA Spongeknob, square nuts,

  • That's gross. Apparently, I haven't seen it, but his nuts

  • are square! Whyyyyy! Do sponges have nuts?!

  • Sponges, reproduce asexually. Exactly! They have no need for nuts!

  • Unless, they're in a porno!

  • The last porn we watched in America was...

  • Pirates of the Caribbean! Or just called Pirates! I remember that!!

  • was based off of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • That was a good one. It was, and the setting was this.

  • It was me, Adam, my friend Jen, my friend Jessica, and Deanna.

  • All of us were on my giant air bed watching this porno.

  • At some point, we all drank too much and fell asleep.

  • It cost over a million dollars to make it? They had special effects, fucking ghosts,

  • bone ships...What the fuck! Skeletons! Swords and stuff like that.

  • These people loved Pirates of the Caribbean so much they wanted to see, porno type of it

  • ...porno version of it.

  • Have you ever been in a porn party? I don't mean a party

  • where you record people having sex. I mean a party where you watch people having sex.

  • On television! Just to be clear! And if you haven't, would you ever go to one?

  • Would you feel comfortable? I would, but it depends on how much alcohol we're drinking.

  • but I think I'll be pretty comfortable with that.

  • Did we watch porno with Mika before? I think we did, I think we did but was that

  • a party cus there were only three of us. How many people does a party make?

  • Is it a porn party if there's only three of you watching?

  • I think so. It depends if you got potato chips...umm, chips and salsa.

  • Then it definitely was not a party. It was just a very intimate moment amongst three friends.

  • Three friends.

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  • Bye! See ya! Can we use any of that...?

It's Adam! It's Kristina!

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