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These are the colors that we're going to be using, here. We got black. We're gonna do
the outline now, we're gonna start that. We got black, knucklehead red, white boy white,
and bell bottom blue, as well as a cup with distilled water and just a dab of green soap
and that to rinse our machine as we're going through the tattoo so it doesn't build up
in the tip of the machine. We're going to begin the tattoo now, just a dot of Vaseline,
like I said, a dot, you can't even see it on my finger, just on the area we're going
to be working. Now, being that I am left handed we're gonna work from the left side over to
the right so that it doesn't distort the transfer. So, I'm gonna work here in the bottoms and
the tops and kinda jog around a little as I move over. So, we're gonna begin now. Here
we go, we're going to start at the top here, got our first line in,
second line, you see how I'm doing it in one stroke, it's real important that you can do
that in one stroke. Now, as I'm doing this I want to explain that you don't want to go
too deep, you're working off the tip of the needle not all the way up against the needle
tip too, you're just working off the tip of the needle and you're going to find that it's
a process of experimenting, what's gonna work for
you. You don't want to wipe too much when we're doing this, you just want to dab the
area, if you can so that it doesn't distort the pattern as we were discussing. And, periodically
we're gonna re-dip the ink to fill this reservoir up here a little bit so that we can keep the
tattoo moving. As I dip the ink I'm just putting the very tip in and hitting the foot peddle
two or three times, maybe four or five times so that it gets ink in the reservoir, you
don't want it to fill all the way up because it will bleed all over the skin, it will puddle.
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Beginning Tattooing Tips : How To Outline A Tattoo

641 Folder Collection
Jorba published on August 30, 2015
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