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We start with news on a massive explosion in the Chinese city of Tianjin .
Chinese state media is reporting that the explosion happened at a container terminal
at about 11:30PM on Wednesday night, local time.
The cause is not immediately clear. Photos and video shared on social media show
flames lighting up the sky and shockwaves rattling buildings kilometers away.
China′s Xinhua News says at least seven people have been confirmed dead and hundreds
more injured. The authorities say marshal law has been declared
in the blast zone. A fire started by the explosion is now under
control. Tianjin is a major port city to the south-east
of Beijing, and home to well over seven million people.
We′ll keep you updated on this story throughout the day.
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Massive explosion rocks container port in Tianjin, China 중국 톈진항서 폭발사고…최소 300명

900 Folder Collection
張強 published on August 13, 2015
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