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Hi, my name is Sarah for Expert Village.com. I am going to talk to you about assembling
your flute. This piece is called the head joints. This is what you grab first and you
put it into the main body. One thing to remember when you are assembling the flute is to never
grab the keys because you could possibly bend them and then create a leak in your flute.
You put it in gently like this, turning and easing it in and you do not put it in all
the way like this. You actually need to pull out where your flute is turned and then make
sure that this hole is lined with your very first key. You can look at it like this and
make sure that it is completely in line. The last thing to do is put on your foot joint,
the foot of the flute and when you are assembling this, you make sure that this main bar of
the foot joint is in the middle of the body, in the middle of the very last key like this.
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How to Play the Flute : Assembling a Flute

383 Folder Collection
亮晶晶 published on August 12, 2015
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