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  • So negotiators from Iran and 6 world powers just emerged from months of negotiation

  • in Austria and Switzerland to announce that, believe it or not, they have an Iran nuclear deal.

  • "Every path way to a nuclear weapon is cut off."

  • But what does that actually mean?

  • How does all that actually work?

  • Well this gets technical really fast but it helps

  • if you go through and look at some of the most important issues

  • One of the big ones is uranium

  • thats the stuff, you dig it out of the ground and use it for nuclear fuel

  • for a power plant, or even for a bomb

  • The deal requires Iran to give up 97% of its enriched uranium

  • almost all of it, down to just 300kg stockpile--not very much

  • Uranium comes in different levels of enrichment

  • and this restriction is really severe, Iran is only allowed

  • to have its uranium up to 3.67% enrichment

  • and to give you a sense of what that really means, medical research grade uranium

  • is enriched to 20% and weapons grade uranium is enriched to 90%

  • so, iran's uranium is going to be way down at 3.67%

  • very safe and energy graded,

  • not something that is anywhere near what can be used for a nuclear weapon

  • Iran is going to give up most of its centrifuges.

  • It's going to go from 20,000 centrifuges to just 5,000

  • that are spinning fissile material.

  • Plus another 1,000 that it can use for research and development but can use fissile material

  • And if Iran decided one day, you know what, we don't like this deal anymore

  • we're gonna build a would take it a really long time to do it.

  • And that gets to another really important issue, and that's inspections.

  • Inspections, and monitoring, are how we make sure that Iran is sticking to their end of the deal

  • and that they're not cheating

  • The inspections that the US got out of this deal are frankly, just astonishing.

  • One arms control analyst said he thought there was

  • "almost a 100% chance that if Iran cheated it would be caught by these inspections"

  • That's how good they are.

  • So what does Iran get for accepting all of this?

  • What Iran gets is relief from the economic sanctions that have been just crippling its economy

  • What these sanctions do is they cut off Iran's economy from the outside world,

  • They cut it off from international banking, international finance,

  • and these have been just devastating Iran's economy

  • and they are really desperate to get out from under these.

  • This is a big deal, not just for Iran the state but for the 77 million people of in Iran

  • It's a big middle class and they've been suffering under economic sanctions for too long

  • And they will finally get to have the chance of having a real economy hopefully very soon after this.

So negotiators from Iran and 6 world powers just emerged from months of negotiation

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How the Iran nuclear deal works, explained in 3 minutes

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    James posted on 2015/07/22
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