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Hi, its David from FindSocialFreedom
in this video you're going to learn a simple and powerful communication technique
you can use to keep a conversation going with whomever you're talking to
and this is really important because
if we don't keep a conversation going with people then we often
fail at making connections which means we miss out on
meeting new friends building new relationships; maybe we have less success
work because we can't keep conversations going
on the other hand if you're able to keep a conversation going
then you build a connection which were you talking to you
so if you're at a party start talking to someone you could meet someone new
and bring them into your life or if you're at work you can connect to the people you work with
have more job opportunities and also get into intimate relationships
and build friendships as well. And that leads to, having your phone ringing
on a Friday or Saturday night with people inviting you out. It all comes
from starting and keeping conversations going so
a great tip to keep the conversation going is
at to listen to the other person. Now
a big mistake that I see people make is they often
just focus on what they're gonna say in a conversation so if i'm talking to
someone I'll just focus on
you know what I can say... I have to say the most intelligent thing,
the funniest thing
and I'm stuck in my own head. What you want to do is listen to the other person, listen to
what they're talking about
and that'll make someone feel
more open and attracted into the conversation
and while you're listening to someone what you wanna do
is remember the specific things they talk about.
So, if someone talks about a hiking trip
or the school project they're doing
or the fact they play soccer listen to these things and make a mental note
of, "hiking trip",
"school project", "soccer" and then if the conversation starts to die into that
awkward silence
you can just ask them about one of those things you can say,
"Tell me about that hiking trip you went on" or "How long you been playing soccer
in town?" or "what's this work project you've got going?"
and like this the conversation will just reignite
and keep going and that's the foundation to
making friends, building connections having success at work. And if you want to find out
more about how to overcome shyness
overcome social anxiety and make more friends,
more connections go to the website: www.FindSocialFreedom.com
you can click on the link below to get there. There you'll find out
how you keep a conversation going with anyone, you know how to
have someone actually like you before you even talk to them, with body language
and how to start conversations with anyone, and really how to find social
freedom. So go to the website www.FindSocialFreedom.com
click on the link below to get there and
as I always like to say at the end of my videos, life's not always easy
but it is beautiful so let's be grateful for it.
And today I'm grateful that in a couple months
I get to go down to South America for a good chunk a time
I'm excited for that. I hope you're well, and I'll see you,
in another video.
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You CAN Improve Communication Skills + Conversation Skills

1264 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on July 2, 2015
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