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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are making this cute and colourful
heart inside cake. A few of you sent me pictures of similar style
of cake that you'd seen on tablespoon.com and that particular one was made by Beth from
the blog Hungry Happenings she'd made it for them and they were both happy for me to make
it for you, so here we go.
Firstly mix 3 packets of cake mix together and add the required ingredients according
to the packet and then mix it together.
Then split that mixture evenly between 5 different bowls.
And then it is time to add your colour, now you are going to need to be fairly generous
here or the shape is not going to stand out from the plain cake. So these colours need
to be reasonable dark.
Once your happy with the colours place them into sandwhich bags, twist the top and cut
off the corners.
Squeeze out some of your coloured mix onto a tray lined with non-stick paper. Then swap
to the next colour, and swirl that all over the tray and keep going. Now for this tye
died mixing effect Beth actually learnt this idea from another website handmadecharlotte.com
and one of their contributors Sandra who actually heads up the art department at a uni in Kansas
came up with this technique for the cake that she made there.
Keep adding more and then once you are done tap the tray on the bench to get rid of any
air pockets.
Place it in the oven and then bake it until it is cooked all the way through.
Once it is cooled remove it from the tray and trim off the top browned layer using a
knife or a cake leveler.
Take the cutter and cut out a heart or whatever shape you have chosen and then the base base
off the shape because we don't want browned cake to be down the middle of our cake. Now
obviously as I said you can use any shape you like just make sure that it will fit into
your tin, that it is not too tall for your cake tin. Place them on a tray and once we've
cut them all we are going to freeze them. This particular amount of mixture made enough
hearts to do two of these cakes. So if you're only wanting to make one you could cut it
in half.
Line a loaf pan with foil and bring the sides up higher than the actual pan so the mixture
will not overflow in the oven.
Make up two more packets of vanilla cake mix. Place two cups of mixture in the base of the
dish. Now I baked this for 10 minutes because the shape tends to sink and I don't want it
right on the bottom I want it more in the middle. After this time it will not yet be
cooked but will have formed a light skin on the top. Add some mixture down the centre
of that, that's going to go into that little dip in the centre of the heart. And then stack
your hearts and place them top side down into centre of the tin. If the edges of your dish
are sloped out like mine you may need to cut one of them on an angle for the last one.
So that you can pack them in tightly, that's going to help hold them into place. Cover
over the whole thing with more cake mixture. And then bake in the oven.
One it is done let it cool then trim off the outer browned layer so that it leaves nice
straight sides. Cover the whole thing in frosting, I am using
the one that came with the packet mix. Once it is smooth place it in the fridge.
To make our tye died frosting take a snake of each of the colours that you have chosen
and gently twist and squash it together, then twist it a bit more and squash it together
and then roll it out. I used neon food colours for this which I have not used before and
I thought it had a really metallic taste to them. It is up to you if you want to use them
that's fine otherwise just use normal food colours. Everyone else who ate it thought
it was fine I just thought it had a bit of an after taste to it.
Lift it up and place it over the cake. Trim off the excess, when you get to the corners
squash them together to seal it and then use scissors to cut down the join. Gently rub
it with your finger just along the cut there to smooth the edge. Add you candles and cut
to reveal your colourful heart shape in the middle.
If this cake was made for you and delivered to your door with a bunch of flowers, who
would you like it to be from? Let me know in the comments.
Subscribe to howtocookthat for more cakes chocolate and dessert creations, put all your
requests in the comments below, click here to go to the channel and see more of my videos,
here for last weeks youtube cupcakes and here to go to the website. Have a great week and
I'll see you on Friday. [music: The Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]
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1069 Folder Collection
張懿慧 published on June 29, 2015
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