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The snail has four tentacles.
The shorter two are for feeling
the longer pair are eye stocks.
Most snails move by gliding on their muscular foot.
Which is lubricated with mucus
This motion is powered by succeeding waves of muscular contractions
A snails shell forms a Logarithmic spiral.
This special kind of spiral curve often appears in nature.
Hurricanes, galaxies and snail shells all share this Logarithmic design.
Land snails are Gastropods.
They breath by taking air into a Visceral cavity that's richly supplied with blood vessels.
They probe their environment for vegetation.
They have very poor eyesight and mainly rely on their sense of touch and smell to find food.
Snails feast on leaves and plant life with their powerful radula.
An approach with thousands of tiny teeth
When a snail is feeding the scrapping of its radula is sometimes audible if you listen closely
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Microworlds- The Secret Life of the Snail

1411 Folder Collection
羅紹桀 published on June 24, 2015
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