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  • The real question is this: was all this legal? Absolutely not.

  • He was unapologetic about his actions and his loss for wealth and his loss for consuming everything around him- and that is

  • a basis for a great character, a great story. You show me a pay stub for $72 thousand dollars

  • and I quit my job right now and I work for you.

  • We start this company together and my character becomes more obsessed with the more animalistic things like drugs and women and

  • sort of falls into a darker side that way. Whereas Jordon I think, gets off on being

  • all powerful. Aren't you married? Can't married people be friends? We're not just gonna be

  • friends. He seems to do everything to an extreme- work to an extreme, make money to an extreme.

  • Dad we're not poor anymore. Tell him about the sides. What are these sides, they cure

  • cancer? These sides did cure cancer, that's the problem, that's why they were expensive.

  • He's very proud of his son but at the same time he basically thinks his son is going a little over the

  • top. This right here is the land of opportunity. You just tried to bribe a federal officer.

  • Jorden Belfort was absolutely so brazen, he was absolutely above everything.

  • They really did have a lot of fun, that's all they could do was have fun and more fun

  • and more on top of that until it wasn't so much fun anymore. But what they couldn't do

  • was just be; they just couldn't face that. Set and background and action.

  • Every scene we do is absurd, we had a chimpanzee in roller skates in the office the other day and a naked

  • marching band. Like, everything is ridiculous. It was incredibly loose, like a theatre company

  • of guys coming in and playing with the material. We just go in any direction and he'll be right

  • there, it pushes me to do more and take more risks because he does it and I feel like I

  • need to keep up with him. He is probably one of the most famous actors in the world for

  • a reason, I knew he would be an amazing actor, I didn't realize how close we would become

  • and I respect and appreciate him on every possible level, he's just insanely talented.

  • Jonah, for all of us, was just an electrifying force who ignited each scene every single

  • day and one of the earliest conversations that I had with him was before he got cast

  • and he looked at me and he said this was the role that I was meant to play. To play this

  • person, you have to turn a blind eye to their behavior, not only turn a blind eye to it

  • but justify that you're okay with yourself doing these things and that to me, was the

  • challenge of it. You're going to bring us two absolute martinis- you know how I like

  • them- straight up. And then precisely seven and one half minutes you're going to bring

  • us two more, then two more after that every five minutes till one of us passes out. Working

  • with Matthew McConaghey the first time was really interesting. He said what about my

  • accent and I said why couldn't there be a southern accent on Wall St? I'm good with

  • water for now, thank you. It's his first day on Wall St, give him time. The artists get

  • really free creative control of what they did and that was the attitude of making this

  • movie and I wish more movies were like that. He was able to bring out a life in these characters,

  • a reality and a sense of humor to that dark side which is so apparent in this movie which

  • very very few film makes can accomplish. Films these days seem to be very extreme close ups,

  • it's all happening behind the eyes but with Marty it's like More! Bigger! It never gets

  • false. There's a huge distaste in America and around the world for Wall St and corporate

  • America for what's recently gone on in our economy. You can't help but not neceassarily

  • root for these guys but wanna watch them disintegrate- it's ironic but incredibly entertaining. What

  • happens when you are given too much? What happens when rules aren't placed on you and

  • money can really, in your mind, buy you freedom? To do whatever you want and treat people however

  • you want. It's not right. I'm going to teach each and every one of you to be the best.

  • Exploration in to the depth of who these people are, acknowledging that part of us that is

  • a common humanity, we have to deal with it. We're going nowhere! I love my country, I

  • love Jesus Christ and I love making people rich. Hello?

The real question is this: was all this legal? Absolutely not.

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