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brezhnev's herself comfortable holla here fine
once you understand
that needed that's a timeline that timeline
is on average
seven outs
takes approximately three seconds to go from here tabasco must find you take
less approaches i look at
urethra pool their supports freezing cold jumpin just throwin jumped you
won't get locked up newark evolutionarily designed to have
any permission to have a i hereby give you permission to use the best he could
participate in the world have approaches i have they just know how to handle it
by hearing two three seven four there's one emotional speed that you can get
into that will help you dragged
keep top talkative season actually asleep and then every count as a new
group that was what we need to get ourselves into without a search warrant
or regional our emotional circuitry to work for advantage if your talk about
your finding a personality and games being played if you're not talking your
emotionally getting locked up he's says that you thought
the false time constraint tonight open if i can and in a time constraint i can
say to the girl like an honest a second i've got my friends here when you say if
save slowly there are a verbal post time constraints non-durables in other words
if i can entertain somebody
and communicate to them without saying a word so we must within the first three
seconds systematically demonstrate our initial emotional state and what is the
best emotional state conveys non-threatening that's all
non-threatening have a smile on your face could i see your smiles great smile
graceland it's fake his neck right now
feels faked kinda but just like trying to be in a bad mood when you think a
real big ass is mine
here we go into a second first-half second you'll see that smile though you
don't have to keep the care insisted he did not only the trust your machines
you're hiding something
now you can get rid of the smile
right now
you don't feel any discomfort with how close he is to do
i'd like to walk right up to joe without touching i'd like you to just remember
what your body
physiologically responds with demanding that from him
even post
southfield tiger i want to go closer download yet theory of the ear feel
something okay mister tadic
what happens is we have the physiological response
my stomach tenses blood rushes to the head we get a slight adrenalin release
but the real uncomfortable feeling needs to be that closely i want to get that
close to the girls are just like us
so when you first initiative that you have someone who
disclose may be too close with people if your shoulder to shoulder making payment
children children
now the craziest thing is
if you walk
his face
he'll feel weirder than you will because you did the moving into so if i pull
groping towards me should feel less
weirdness then if i win into her in the first minute especially b don't want
that feeling to take place
i'd like to do walker
fate mess that that
what you feel
threatened threatened claim that's on the last thing i want to win a field
that's the last thing i want anyone in particular now that he sent this last
week i know in a way to get an adrenaline sort of friend as well
which is interesting
look up to assign
because i wasn't sure i don't trigger the hardwired robotic response
but if i go like this in mind
it's not on isn't interested
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Pua Training - PUA Openers / Approaching

1129 Folder Collection
Zhuang Vincent published on May 30, 2015
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