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Hello, my name is Jaron.
In this clip, I'd like to talk to you about questions you may be asked in a Cambridge English speaking test.
The speaking test is your chance to show the examiner the best you can do.
So it's important to give full responses to the examiner's questions instead of just one-word answers.
The examiner may ask you some personal questions.
For example, "Where are you from?"
"I come from Tokyo, Japan."
Or you can answer, "Tokyo, Japan."
Which is the better answer?
That's right!
"I come from Tokyo, Japan." is the better answer here.
Because you show a greater range of language.
Let's look at some more examples.
How would you answer these questions?
"What is your favorite food?"
"Why do you like it?"
"Is there something you really like to learn about?"
"Have you got any plans for the weekend?"
"What are you planning to do?"
Here are example answers for the questions.
"What is your favorite food? Why do you like it?"
"My favorite food is seafood."
"I really like seafood because it always seems special to me."
"We didn't have much of it at home when I was young, so now I like it as a treat."
"I particularly like lobster."
The examiner is looking for a range of language and vocabulary, so this is your moment to shine.
All Cambridge English speaking test assess your ability to communicate in a face-to-face situation.
Candidates take speaking tests with one or two other candidates.
All speaking tests are assessed face-to-face by two examiners,
even if the candidates take the computer-based exam.
Cambridge English believes that face-to-face testing is the best way to test communicative speaking ability.
Because even native speakers sometimes find that on-line speaking test can't recognize their accents.
Thank you for watching!
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English Language Learning Tips - Speaking Test Skills

68384 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on June 3, 2015    Amy.Lin translated    少少 reviewed
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