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We're here with the awesome Frank Medrano.
Good morning, Frank, how are you doing?
Good morning, I'm good. How are you?
We are here, at the FIBO 2014, in Germany. Frank, how do you find the FIBO so far?
It's great. A lot of energy here, a lot of intensity, a lot of interesting fitness. I love it.
Frank's been doing a few demonstrations of the sports he's been doing now, Calisthenics.
Frank, how did you first start doing Calisthenics?
I first started doing Calisthenics maybe about 4 years ago,
out of wanting to better my body and trying to explore different exercises and trying to feel better.
I started doing research on bodyweight exercises
and, from there, I started coming up with some programs for myself.
I saw videos on YouTube with people doing more advanced stuff.
I decided to try them out,
maybe perfect them and do a little stuff of my own. And that's how I got started.
If somebody were to ask you, "What kind of advantages does Calisthenics have
over other types of sports?" What would you say?
I'd say the advantages of Calisthenics is that it is more of a complete body workout,
where you're really engaging every muscle fibre in your whole body.
You're able to work on the deep muscle tissue in your whole body,
that is really functional and able for you to use it in your everyday life.
The advantages of that is every train that you do with body weight,
you could transfer over, when you're done working out,
in your everyday life and just become better.
Awesome. Would you say anybody could do Calisthenics?
Yeah, everyone could do Calisthenics.
There's many levels of Calisthenics, there's beginner,
there's an absolute beginner, there's intermediate, more advanced.
So, there's levels of Calisthenics bodyweight training for everybody,
male or female.
What type of equipment does Calisthenics require?
The beauty of bodyweight training Calisthenics is that you don't need any equipment.
Your body is your own gym.
It never closes,
so you could workout at home, you could workout at the park,
you could go to the gym, if you want, but not use equipment.
You use your own body.
It comes to the point where you get really strong, you could add weight,
you could add weight vests, you could add resistance
of any sort, but all you need is your body for Calisthenics,
and you could build an amazing physique.
Are there any type of leagues, or competitions,
anything that sanctions this type of sport?
At this time, it's kind of early, but there are, actually, sanctions of Calisthenics competitions.
Most of them are in Europe,
the World Federation of Calisthenics is one of them.
You have the World Cups, in Russia,
and, I believe, in Germany.
Some in the United States as well, in New York, in Los Angeles.
It's fairly new and it's starting up, but there are some that you could check out.
It's at an early stage, so they're still working on it,
they're still building it, there's athletes being born every day,
generating interest, and people are starting to do this sport.
One of the most interesting aspects of you doing Calisthenics
is the fact that you're a vegan. How did you become a vegan in the first place?
First of all, I didn't know what a vegan was about two years ago.
Two friends of mine were vegan and they actually train the way I do.
They told me about it and I was really curious about it, how they could do it without eating any animal products.
So, I decided to give it a try. Luckily, I had them for resource,
for them to help me out as far as how to build my meals,
to make sure I get the right nutrients, the right foods, the right meals.
I decided to try it out for a few months, I felt great
and I kept it ever since.
Did you ever feel a plant-based diet somehow hinders your progression in this sport?
Not at all.
Of course, in the beginning, you are going to have some setbacks, you might have to adjust a few things,
just like with any diet.
But, when done right, when I got it right,
I felt better recovery, I felt better energy.
I just felt overall like my body was processing everything I ate right away,
and nothing was being left sitting in my stomach, or anything like that.
It enhanced my performance overall in everything.
So, for people all over the world who are considering taking meat off of their diet,
and look at you as, obviously, a source of inspiration, what would you tell them?
I would say to definitely give it a try. You don't have to,
like I tell my friends, you don't have to become vegan right away. If you want to just try it out,
start including some vegan meals into your diet, maybe a vegan day, or a vegan meal every here and there.
Try to take away the animal products little by little, source by source.
When you get really good at it, try it out for a week and I guarantee,
if you try it out for a good while, you're going to start feeling great,
you're going to start seeing results in your body, the way you feel, the way you perform.
If I could do it, if I could do all this stuff, there must be something right.
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Prozis at FIBO 2014 - Interview with Frank Medrano

546 Folder Collection
Michael Gau published on May 28, 2015
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