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Oh... I love pizza...
Oh my god!
What? You don't love pizza?
Mrs. Jennings just friend requested me on Facebook.
Shut up, what are you gonna do?
I don't know! I mean... do I just like pretend I didn't see it, or do I have to accept it because she's my boss.
Well, if you accept it, you know what's gonna happen.
That was so awkward.
Do you think she heard us?
No, but she clearly saw you were on your phone.
It's done.
I know.
Good afternoon everybody.
She totally just singled you out.
She probably just had a splint in her eye.
No, that looks like this.
Well, I'm sure nothing will be different.
Hey Facebook bestie!
Hey do you have anything lined up for a Throwback Thursday?
Who is the cute boy in all of your pictures these days?
And am I gonna see an engagement status update?
Probably not...
Oh my God
It's okay. Take your time. I know you had a rough night.
Can I speak with you?
Sure Becky, anything for a friend.
Say, I was thinking I should friend Sarah, I know you two are...
This friendship isn't working out!
I need my privacy.
If I wanna post selfies of me with my BFF or tag myself in pictures with a guy I think is hot, or like "Empire", so that I can check out exclusive on-set photos, then I wanna do that!
And I don't wanna be judged by my boss.
But, Becky, I thought I was the cool boss...
Oh hey Becky, how's your first week going?
This has been like the best work week of my life.
I um... I got a little present to say thank you for hiring me and for being such a "cool boss".
Becky, thank you!
Wait, you were the one who gave her the Cool Boss Mug?!
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What Happens When Your Boss Friend Requests You On Facebook [#BadBosses] | Elite Daily

174616 Folder Collection
少少 published on August 25, 2017    少少 translated    Lily Chou reviewed
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