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I'm Joe Belfiore from the Windows team at Microsoft.
I'm thrilled to show you some of the latest Windows 10 features we're working on.
I'm particularly excited to be giving you a look at Windows 10...
...tailored for phones and small tablets for the very first time.
To get a look at the desktop version...
...check out the companion video on Windows 10 for PC's.
What you're seeing today are just some...
...of the great features of the final product, not all of them.
We'll continue to develop and refine right up to our launch.
That's it. Let's jump right in.
Let's start here with Start.
We believe phones should be personal.
So we've added yet another option to customize the Start screen...
...with a full size background image.
To help you get to apps you just installed...
...we now show them in a group right here at the top of the app list.
Back in October, we showed how we're making notifications on the PC...
...work more like they do on phones.
So you can easily see and act on important things.
Well, now we've made improvements on phones too.
In Action Center, we've increased the number of quick actions available to you.
Windows Phone today has four or five programmable quick actions.
But with Windows 10, you also get this expanded view...
...which can now display a whole lot more.
Another thing. Notifications are now interactive.
So I can take action directly...
...like dismissing an alarm or seeing images for maps.
One example of interactive notifications is text messages.
When the toast pops...
...I can quickly reply right in line via text or voice.
Plus, we've significantly enhanced the speech-to-text capability...
...so you can talk to virtually any data field you choose throughout the UI.
Your words show up as you speak them. And punctuation appears automatically.
And this feature is smart enough to understand when to use 2, the number...
...instead of too, as in "also."
We think these new features are great on the phone.
But having one experience across your devices is a big part of Windows 10.
So everything you just saw works on PC's to.
More and more of us are using our phones to get real work done.
So I'm excited to show you some of the killer features our office team...
...has built into new universal versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
"Universal" meaning they work across the phone, tablet and PC.
These apps will be free and built in on all phones and small tablets.
For Word docs, as you see here...
...we've worked to bring a complete functionality of Word right to your phone.
I can see images, links and comments.
A full fidelity experience that makes it easy to review...
...edit, even create docs without a keyboard.
Here's the Word Ribbon. It's just moved to the bottom...
...so it'll be familiar to phone users.
The rich functionality of Word is exactly where you'd expect.
From formatting to insertion to reviewing documents.
Same with PowerPoint.
It's super easy to open and make changes to your presentations.
But even better, now use your phone to actually present.
You can do that online.
Or with Miracast, you can present wirelessly on a big screen in the room.
Look how terrific these animated 3-D effects look.
It's a no compromise way to get your slides on screen.
But the Office apps you phone users put through their paces every single day...
...are the Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar apps.
And we're providing a big update in Windows 10 for phone.
These apps were re-authored as universal apps.
Which will be included not just on phones and small tablets but on the PC as well.
That means learning them on one device...
...means knowing how to use them on the other.
In Mail, we've worked to make triaging e-mail incredibly fast.
I pull to the left to delete and I pull to the right to flag. Sound familiar?
Now you can burn through your mail, noting the ones you wanna follow up on...
...and those flags are instantly set on your PC and the ones you wanna get rid of.
Mail now supports rich text because Word is built right in to the mail reply.
You can now do fancy things in your mail...
...like changing formatting or even inserting tables.
And you can start a complex mail message on your PC...
...and then finish and send it from your phone no problem.
Also, Calendar now has much richer support for all the meetings in your life.
Here you can see my schedule filled with...
...categorised meetings shown in different colours.
Beyond Office apps, Windows 10 will include a built-in suite...
...of other terrific apps authored to run seamlessly...
...across PC's, tablets and phones.
Here's a quick look at the broad and complete set of apps...
...you'll find right in the box.
We have a major update to the built-in browser that's part of Windows 10.
This browser is being built for PC's, tablets and phones.
To see more of it in action, watch my companion video on Windows 10 for PC.
Our Photos app automatically displays photos from across your PC and phone...
...via the auto-syncing OneDrive service.
The collection view is easy to use and will do auto-enhance of every photo...
...auto-grouping of dupes and burst shots.
And we auto-create albums you can share.
Our Music and Video apps are getting an overhaul...
...and will put all your entertainment right at your fingertips.
And we're including a Maps app as well...
...to help you find your way wherever you're going...
...including looking up information and getting directions.
Cortana can even remember where you parked.
This isn't the full list. But it gives you a taste of how rich the built-in apps will be...
...and how well they'll work across your phone and your PC.
That's a quick tour of Windows 10 for phones and small devices so far.
There are so many great features here now and coming soon...
...that you're gonna wanna check them all out for yourself.
We'll be launching a version of our insider programme for Windows Phones as well.
Keep an eye on the site on your screen for details on when that will open up.
Thanks again for being a part of our Windows community.
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Windows 10 for Phones

5345 Folder Collection
劉珮姍 published on May 10, 2015
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