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  • Data center applications from Oil and Gas to Financial require fast storage to accelerate

  • data processing. Fast storage is the key to these applications operating as quickly as they need to.

  • One Stop Systems and Fusion-io partnered in building a Flash Storage Array

  • for data centers like these. The Flash Storage Array supports 32 ioScale boards each with

  • up to 3.2 TB of storage. That's over 100 TB of usable, fast storage.

  • In no other industry does the phrase "Time is Money" matter more than the financial industry. Financial companies

  • are ever at the forefront of cutting edge software and hardware development to offer

  • clients the highest returns. Scaling legacy technology to meet performance demands requires

  • adding significant latency to application operations which creates complex, costly and

  • volatile systems that eat into profits. Boots on the ground military, including war fighters

  • and first responders require the fastest possible response to react on real time information.

  • Fusion-io technology reduces the weight, the power and the cooling needs of the deploy-able

  • systems by offering the performance of a large Storage Area Network (SAN) in a device that

  • consumes no more space than a network card.

  • Research agencies are faced processing with fast and continually growing bodies of data

  • at the same time the window in which they have to process this data is shrinking.

  • Fusion-io technology places terabytes of process critical data

  • as close to the CPU of application servers as possible. The result is dramatically faster

  • data, warehouse and research application processing.

  • The 4U rackmountable expansion enclosure supports

  • three 1200 watt power supplies that are easily loaded in the back of the enclosure.

  • Four pre-loaded canisters each containing eight Fusion-io cards slide into the enclosure

  • And the front bezel snaps into place.

  • One to four servers are cabled to the rear of the enclosure

  • supporting up to sixteen boards. Each connection operates at Gen3 speeds of 128GB/s.

Data center applications from Oil and Gas to Financial require fast storage to accelerate

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One Stop Systems- Flash Storage Array

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