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  • I love you

  • I love you

  • I love you

  • I love you

  • I love you

  • I love the way you make me feel

  • You make me feel like anything’s possible.

  • You always make me happy.

  • You show me things that I couldn’t ever imagine

  • You and I, we just fit

  • You know what I want.

  • And I know what you need. It’s ….all the little things.

  • Youve got a beautiful soul.

  • You could just be so cheesy sometimes. And I love it.

  • I would stand in rainstorm and breeze just to be with you.

  • You don’t always look good.

  • What I mean is….

  • After all these years you just keep getting better and better.

  • Youre so hot.

  • You make me look good.

  • And I’m super-selfish that I always want you to myself.

  • When things get difficult

  • I love the way you know to start over.

  • I love that there’s two of you.

  • And I will never crease you.

  • I love how you on my hands.

  • And now youre Bluetooth-enabled.

  • There’s always something new with you.

  • And I love that you have no commercials.

  • I love how you make all my problems go away.

  • I love how you make all my problems go away.

  • Wait, did I just say that?

  • I love that youre only a phone call away.

  • And only six items in Wednesday.

  • Pepperoni pizza?

  • UhhYeah!

  • So, uh

  • You eat alone tonight?

  • Well, I guess that I’m missing a little bit of….. heat now, ain’t I?

  • You know, the chilli flakes?

  • You know, the ones in the packets.

  • Yeah

  • Thanks!!!!

  • Bye!!!

  • Hey!!!

  • So, we should go out tonight or what?

  • Megan, No.

  • Why?

  • Every time

  • Hey every one, hope that you like that sketch.

  • Tell us on the comment what you in love with in this Valentine’s Day.

  • Hopefully, it’s alive!

  • Enjoy the bloopers.

  • Um… I want to eat you up.

  • I just want to eat you.

  • Youre so hot that I want to eat you up.

  • And youre so instant.

  • That’s text message, an instant text message

  • Sometimes, people call you a square but.....

  • I just think you're more of a know.

I love you

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[Engsub+Vietsub] I Love Us - Wong Fu Production

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    熊本城 posted on 2015/05/01
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