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Hi everybody! Today i'm outside of my bathroom and i want to show you a video
on how to do coconut oil hair treatments. A long time ago i did a
video on the beauty benefits of using organic coconut oil. It is one of my
favorite beauty
ingredients hands down.
i've gotten some questions on how to use it more specifically what the actual
application is like for
using it as a treatment itself
just really quickly and let me show you how the process works and
how coconut oil can help your hair look shinier, healthier, and stronger.
Extra virgin coconut oil it so that they don't have
as you can see it
is almost empty and I have to order another one.
i think i can transfer it into a little glass dish.
i don't have a solid substance that were in temperature but it warms up really
quickly and in your hands or if you
just put this into another little ball of hot water that will help them
melted back
to get my hair i don't really feel the need to
melt it further in fact that might need a little bit trickier to apply so
all you need is some coconut oil
I use a hair clip to separate my hair into section and make sure I coat every strand.
and while you might be treatments so can sell the first one to you is just make
i think your hair is totally comes through this is going to make it easier
to work that
coconut oil throughout your here
he and but i like to do is section it often so
little bit is here
and i literally just go into your
avalible a coconut oil
and scoop out some of the product in and
you'll notice that when you start working it in your hands
it pretty much just liquefied
this is how i do i just kind of
liquefied the
coconut oil
and then work it into a here intend to start in the bottom sections
and it really focusing on the end of your hair make sure that you are getting
the ends in
so it really soaks in.
that's pretty much just how i'd do it
and then you can work combed through as it makes your hair look
all wet
and slick
can work a comb through it to distribute the product
more evenly
and whenever you have left over
rub it right into your skin that's really nice
pretty much
the whole bottom section there are still go ahead and
separated out a little bit more
get another scoop and work it in my hands
now as far as how long to leave the products enter the coconut whale and
uh... that's what they have to heal
tend to like to just leave it in over case
I'll put a bandana over my hair and then
put a towel over my pillow case to make sure I
don't get my
my pillow cases all
if you let this sink in for twenty minutes or thirty minutes that you're
having like a spa day at your house
doing a mask and some other treatments on yourself
you could probably put the
coconut oil in your hair and then
let some of the other treatments work their magic
I work it into the scalp
as well
I tend to have slightly oily hair
like it
it's a little bit dry at the ends
but my scalp can get a bit oily
i still am able to work it right into the scalp then
it never
never causes any you know greasy
anything like that so
once you have it all through it may be some old chunks here there and they
didn't totally
but once you have it all in
super easy
i'm just gonna
work through everything
the comb
and then to put the bandana
i use a cheap bandana from
the craft store
at Michael's they sell them in pretty much every color
and why do is fold it in
half so you have a triangle and is wrapped around her neck
and i'm just gonna turn my head here into the mirros so I can see what I'm doing
what do you think
but that flap down on the top
tuck in all of your hair and then tie the top
and that looks a little bit crazy
but you get the point
Cover your hair with a bandana, put a
towel over your pillowcase and go to bed. wake up in the morning and the way you want to do
this is just simply
shampoo your hair as normal. you may
want to do it twice just to make sure all the coconut oil out
and use a conditioner if you would normally do. I normally do, so
the conditioner will make sure your hair is manageable and you can comb it out and
this is just super nourishing it's going to make your hair feels so soft and
silky and strong and
it's an amazing treatment so
i highly recommend using coconut oil treatments in your hair no matter what hair type you have
if you do you have questions please feel free to let me know
any comments but down in the comment box and i will reply as soon as
i can
thanks as always for watching and I'll see you in the next video! Bye!
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How to: Get healthy, shiny hair with coconut oil treatment

1477 Folder Collection
Elite published on April 30, 2015
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