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Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to TutorABC's MovieNotes!
I'm Alan,
and today we're going to be introducing another exciting movie called
The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
So let's take a look at the trailer,
and we'll talk about some of the things in it.
All set up, boss.
Actually, he's the boss.
I just pay for everything,
and design everything,
and make everyone look cooler.
Avengers, how can you possibly stop me?
Show him what we've got.
Time to work for a living.
It just slipped.
Hey, big guy.
It's all in the swing.
If you step out that door,
you're an Avenger.
You didn't see that coming?
All right. It's time for some fun.
So in an action movie like this,
there aren't a lot of confusing or difficult words,
but there's a lot of little things, uh, that we can talk about.
So the first one,
someone says, at the very beginning,
"We're all set up"
That's three separate words: 'all set up.'
Now you might understand what that means.
It just means 'We're all ready.
We've prepared everything, and we're ready to go.'
So the next phrase that might be a little bit confusing is
"let's show 'em what we've got."
What does that mean?
Maybe if you're playing at a basketball game
or some kind of competition,
and you're going to
show someone what you've got,
it means you're gonna show them how good you are,
or what kind of skill you have,
but here, uh, it's like they're in war,
so they're going to show off their abilities,
they're ready to fight.
The next thing:
two very tiny little words,
he says "it slipped."
What does that mean?
If you say that,
'it slipped,'
It means that you dropped it.
If you've dropped your phone before,
maybe then you know you take it out of your pocket,
and you say 'it slipped'.
It means it slipped out of your hand,
so you'll hear this a lot.
So the next one is
actually one that we might also use in sports.
One of the characters has a hammer,
and he does this action.
What is that?
In English, we call that 'a swing
So for golf, your golf swing
or your tennis swing,
anything with a racquet or a club,
maybe baseball also,
we call that a swing,
so it's a verb and a noun,
so keep that in mind as well.
So the next thing we hear someone say is
'to see that coming.'
You said
"I didn't see that coming,"
what does that mean?
Well, if you didn't see something coming,
maybe like a bus or a person
it means you didn't know that it was coming towards you,
but you can also say this,
'I didn't see that coming,'
to mean 'I didn't expect it'
or 'I didn't think that that would happen.'
So it can be a literal thing,
or it can also be maybe something that's kind of figurative,
so 'I didn't think that that would happen.'
So we can see all of these phrases in the movie 'The Avengers'.
I hope you enjoy it.
Have a look at it
and we'll see you next time at TutorABC's MovieNotes.
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TutorABC Movie Notes #18 The Avengers: Age of Ultron 復仇者聯盟2:奧創紀元

69470 Folder Collection
Lily Chou published on May 6, 2015    Lily Chou translated    Ashley Chen reviewed
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