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what'up guys, first of all i just wanna say that: thank you so much
you guys like me on facebook, or subscribe my youtube channel
Its amazing for me, you know.
and this is second video i upload on facebook, you know
but actually i have more than that, you can check it out my youtube channel
and watch more my videos it's ok? yep.
a few days ago, i had some messages in my inbox.
It is: what's up, man, how can i speak English like you?
You are great, you are awesome, you are amazing.
Nope! In English, i'm nothing.
honestly, i'm nothing. I don't know a lot of new words. You can you to Langmaster
or you can go to Hoan Kiem lake, there are a lot of people. they can speak english
... much better than me, for sure.
and to day, i wanna share, i wanna show you, the best way to learn English in the world.
it is Effortless English.
so, please, go back to the moment, when you were born, when you, like a baby.
how can you speak VietNamese???
your parents take the grammar book and say: hey, study.
and then you can speak VietNamese, right?
Nope, every morning, you can wake up, right? you can get up, right?
and you see your parent say some individual words, somethin' like
"ba" ... "bà".. right?
and you can speak VietNamese, right?
nope, you just listen, listen and listen
day by day, again and again, right? :P
and six months at least, you can say some individual words
and 1 year, you can communicate with other people
and sometimes, you dont know how to discribe your emontion, your mind, your what you think abt it.
you use your body language, right? :))
you move your body? :))
yep, and the key i want no mention in here today, it is:
listen, listen and listen.. and listen must be repeated.
and the key for you guys to speak Enlish automatically, fluently, and quickly,it is:
practise, practise, and practise...
thank you so much for watching :)
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The 7th Video - Effortless English and The key to speak perfect English. (with Enlish sub)

2105 Folder Collection
Ya Hui Chang published on April 20, 2015
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