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In December 2013, there was an outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa.
By October 2014, over 4,000 people had died from the disease… …and it had spread to Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.
To date, there is no confirmed cure.
The international response to the outbreak has been widely criticized for being too slow.
Regardless, the fatalities seem peculiarly contained to West Africa.
Only 14 people outside of West Africa have been treated for the disease…
…and most of them have survived so far.
The expensive and successful treatment provided to non-black African and Europeans has combined with the concentration of Ebola victims around Westernized hospitals…
…to lead protesters in Africa to accuse foreigners of bringing the disease… …and even to say Ebola is a man-made bioweapon.
International Public Health Specialist, Dr Leonard Horowitz says the Ebola virus may have been created…
…in U.S laboratories, possibly at Fort Detrick, the home of America's biological defense program...
…and the site of America’s bioweapons research until it was officially ended in 1969.
His theory rests on the virus's thus far restricted outbreaks in West Africa…
…and the fact it was unknown before a 1976 outbreak in the Congo
In 2009, two Congo teenagers were killed by a virus… …"that looked like rabies, but behaved like Ebola"
Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, believes… …Ebola was engineered from rabies in the U.S… ...to target impoverished ethnic minorities.
His supporters say it is a method of population control… …created to cull the Earth's rapidly growing population… …and motivated by white, Western racism.
The World Health Organization says Ebola is a natural virus… …passed by animals to humans, and discovered in 1976.
Its spread in Africa is due to poor healthcare and safegaurds, whereby nurses and doctors can be infected…
…and bad funeral practices, by which family and friends live and make contact with deceased victims for days after their deaths.
Now that cases of the disease have spread to America and Europe, it is in the interest of Western powers to help contain and eradicate the virus as much as possible.
The more advanced healthcare system in the U.S. should prevent it from breaking out there
but there are still 43 million impoverished Americans without health insurance cover, and this poses a huge risk for providing treatment to potential Ebola victims.
Vaccines and drugs to treat Ebola are soon to be tested for the first time on humans.
Whether they prove to be a cure, remains to be seen.
At any rate, officially Ebola is a natural virus.
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Could Ebola Be A Man-Made Bioweapon?

1278 Folder Collection
jbrother published on April 12, 2015    Alvin He translated    Evangeline reviewed
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