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  • Hey, what is going on, YouTube! It's Ray here with another vlog.

  • I've said this in other vlogs but if this is the first time you're watching me vlog, this video will be exclusively in English, there will be subtitles, however, and there will be vocabulary words popping in from time to time.

  • This week is a good week, right? Four whole days of holiday in Taiwan!

  • What a wonderful opportunity to make good use of these four consecutive holidays...

  • ... to stay at home and stare at your computer.

  • No, I'm kidding. You should really make good use of the time and, you know, head to the great outdoors.

  • And stare at your laptop on your patio.

  • For me, what I did in this vacation is very special indeed.

  • It's totally visionary, it's brought me new light, and it will forever change the way that I'll see the world.

  • I went and got eye surgery!

  • Did you get it? 'Cause, you know, eyes, visionary, new light, see the world... no, just me?

  • "Ray, why are you still wearing your glasses?" You might ask.

  • And to that I would answer, cause I can do this.

  • So I've had myopia, also known as nearsightedness or shortsightedness, since I was in primary school.

  • I'd really prefer to say that I got it because of how hard I studied English during my primary school years...

  • But the truth of the matter is, I played too much video games.

  • As of three days ago, I was nearsighted with a 7.5 diopter.

  • Quick note: the "degree" system in Taiwan is one of a kind, no other country uses it.

  • Other countries usually just use the term "diopter."

  • So my 7.5 diopter of nearsightedness would be called 750 degrees here in Taiwan.

  • So it's not slight at all, it's actually pretty severe.

  • Of course, as many of you might or might not know, being nearsighted has its daily dose of struggles.

  • You see, I'm really absent-minded, and sometimes I forget where I've put my glasses.

  • Especially after a shower.

  • Sometimes I put it on my shelf, sometimes I put it on my table, sometimes I put it on my bed.

  • Other times I put it on my sister's head.

  • So with that many "sometimes," it's sometimes kinda hard to locate my glasses after my shower.

  • Problem is, with a nearsightedness as severe as mine, absolutely anything could look like my glasses when I'm looking for it.

  • Is that my glasses?

  • Oh no, it's a pair of scissors.

  • Is that my glasses?

  • Oh no, it's a bunch of bananas.

  • Also, being nearsighted means that you gotta go double when you trying to put on sunglasses or 3D glasses.

  • How do you... does this... does this look okay?

  • Looking good? Yeah? How's this?

  • Good.

  • However, there are still good things with nearsightedness, too.

  • You see, without my glasses, everything is out of focus, and sometimes, some things are prettier out of focus.

  • For example, if I’m in the car at night, I would take off my glasses to enjoy the beautiful bokeh streaking past me.

  • Me and my myopia, it's a complicated love-hate relationship.

  • But you know what really pisses me off?

  • There are some people who like taking away my glasses and saying "Wow! You really can't see!"

  • No shit, I don't take away a random person's wheelchair and sayWow, you really can't walk!"

  • But anyway that's all in the past now.

  • The surgery was a little scary though, they put a stretcher on your eyes to hold it open.

  • And then they pour all sorts of liquids on you, and then they put a machine on top of it.

  • And then they hit you with lasers and then there's unicorns flying over you...

  • But anyway, after my surgery, I'm freed from the shackles of my past.

  • So, I don't have to wear glasses anymore.

  • Except, I'm wearing one right now, so... right.

  • The point is, nearsightedness, goodbye!

  • What about you guys? Are you nearsighted? What do you love or hate about your nearsightedness?

  • Hit me up in the comment box below to tell me more about it.

  • While you're at it, check out my previous video and also my next VidTalk episode on ICRT.

  • You can also find out more about me on my website or Facebook page.

  • And you are more than welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel right up there.

  • Click that button right there.

  • This is a great motivation for me to keep doing these kind of videos if you do subscribe.

  • Last video we said that there was about 1500 subscribers...

  • Now it's over 2000!

  • I mean, people are pouring in more and more.

  • More than I expected, so I would definitely keep doing videos for you guys.

  • And please do bring in more suggestions for me, if you do have any.

  • Ok, that is a wrap, and as always, thank you for watching, and I'll catch you guys next time! See ya!

  • But anyway after my surgery I'm freed of my shackles of my past.

  • ... of my shackles of my past.

  • Of my shackles of my past.

  • Of my shackles... it's like a dubstep.

  • So I have this trick for you nearsighted people.

  • If you can’t find your glasses, you can always take out your smartphone.

  • And turn on its camera.

  • Then you can proceed to use it as a visor and look for your glasses!

  • I know it might look stupid, but it definitely works.

  • Oh yeah, I'm seeing things pretty clearly.

  • There is a fine line between stupidity and geniusness.

Hey, what is going on, YouTube! It's Ray here with another vlog.

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【VLOG】Me and my Myopia

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    Ray Du posted on 2020/03/13
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