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  • K welcome to part 2

  • of this unboxing of the Raspberry Pi 2

  • model B

  • if you now connect it, I have connected it

  • to a TV, I have added a

  • wired USB keyboard and mouse and I

  • have added a Raspbian image

  • on a MicroSD 16 Gigabyte card from Transcend

  • if you now connect it to the power

  • I'm using a 2 Amp power supply

  • and after we have booted up the Raspberry Pi

  • it goes pretty quick, we'll land in the software configuration tool

  • there we first expand the file system to make sure that the Raspberry has all the

  • 16 Gigabyte of the micro SD flash available

  • and

  • then we'll reboot the Raspberry Pi 2

  • It's pretty quick.

  • so let's enable the boot to the desktop

  • and then we'll finish

  • and we'll reboot the system.

  • It even has four Raspberries on the top

  • denoting the quad-core of the Raspberry Pi 2 model B.

  • It's pretty quick and there

  • the desktop is already there.

  • there we find the usual software on the Raspbian installation

  • it is the latest installation by the way, of today.

  • If we... I did not connect an internet interface now.

  • so there is no real online stuff.

  • happening here, but let's say we start Minecraft

  • and there we run

  • Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi 2 model B

  • and it feels pretty slick.

  • and there we have Minecraft.

  • And if we explore it a little bit further, we have to look a little bit into

  • the system

  • let's make the font size a little bit bigger

  • so what do we have here

  • we'll find an ARM V7 processor

  • revision 5, four cores

  • and the core is a BCM 2709

  • on the 2836 processor

  • the memory is 1 Gigabyte

  • of which 762 MB

  • is available

  • If we look at the memory information, we have about 583 Megs

  • available

  • the load is also pretty OK. Most is going to XOrg

  • And that's the new Raspberry Pi 2 model B.

K welcome to part 2

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Raspberry Pi 2 - Unboxing - Part 2

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    Sea Monster posted on 2015/04/03
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