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YUU ASAKURA: In this lesson, we went over some articles and particles and also we have
more adjectives to describe people and things, and we went over the sentence "there is" or
"there are." We also had introduced polite speech in Japanese. In the next lesson, we
will put everything together what we learned so far and then we will put into an actual
use. We are going to practice in different situations and then we are going to add some
vocabulary list so that you know a lot of more words. I will practice with you in the
next show. My name is Yuu Asakura and you watched Expert Village. Thank you. Arigato.
Mata ne.
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Learn Japanese Adjectives and Grammar : How to Speak Japanese at an Intermediate Level

1881 Folder Collection
許芷寧 published on April 1, 2015
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