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published all the Los Angeles Lakers is putting out a bit
book a pic a book that's the word call like
now over the past four years he has been traveling like crazy he's been with the
Spain national team
he has been doing other activities that power cell simply does for a 7-footer
by a very kind-hearted person is bogus all he
as travel a lot as I said but he's also done work with Unisa so is putting up
this book may have taken photos
I love hand with kids in playing basketball and Spain national team in
but even that it's like a life and love in all the certain aspects they don't
really see the professional athletes so could be interesting
but here's may be the most interesting part that applies to many Americans
masked ball fans
Kobe Bryant and Juan Carlos Navarro
to teammates the park itself wrote I i believe the forward
and Phil Jackson wrote the press now
here is exactly what Kobe Bryant wrote in this book we have a little snippet
if we could pull that up with if I could choose my brother
he would have the highest basketball IQ newly and you have to search and search
in with still would not find another player the history the game
with his skill set if his organization ever let him down he would hold his head
have not left out or let himself become entangled in the drama
that we would be that we would both face adversity in our professions
so we would talk about our lives in our careers in the pressures of our
and that our bond would be fortified by a trust only brothers
share that is BAE ESPN dot com ramona Shelburne
very strong it sounds incredibly strong
and granted him in because we're in Phil Jackson and power saw only shared
I believe three years together they went to three straight NBA Finals
go with me to the problem in three years know they have it I'm thing with Phil
Jack today
they wanted three straight NBA Finals and even that when
Dwight Howard left Kobe Bryant put on Instagram both
look I might be looking into social media little bit but it was but progress
all they were
you know arm around each other shoulder i mean that was a cool moment too so it
because the show you just exactly what it means
Pathol as Kobe Bryant scottie pippin he is the star that not all are like I will
do everything i know i aint in terms of his role
he's the star that allows Kobe to do what he does
he doesn't infringe on his game on and have a SaaS
he's a Hall of Famer yes me I mean I think statistically
axe wrote this down yessir skydivers Chris thats yep
47 percent field-goal percentage 16 points per game six rebounds two steals
by missus
palace offers that 18 points a game nine rebounds two blocks to resist
nice right up our no how to solve crews that are better than Kevin McHale's who
was the first bar hopping
on you think your fault first-ballot Hall out of his first bout disc is
their offense recently so many good powerful words that are gonna get in
before him
Tim Duncan's and you know shove the world Duncan will probably
retire there before public saw so they made they might be different glasser
on either way i think is I think he's be
ideal complementary piece particularly when they're on trial
butter in general opting for got a Kobe who
is very type A and power is handled all these trade rumors he's been
taken a back seat span class actor Andrew actually you know I was telling
you that I met him the other day
nicest guy in the world such a nice guy such and I want to exit interviews and
years ago and he is because the nicest guy does everybody in the eye
with their bodies and yes I was gonna say when he walked out he went through
the entire room shook
every media member and that shows me a lot
by the way it really quickly bottle jack and I gotta get outta here
speaking about this I'll as a person I think you give more yourself
when the people around you a when the people around you get you
I think that's what happens with each individual all too if you think this is
up packets of
you feel comprehended you feeling braced you feel appreciated and you give more
yourself you open up
and you get more than a potential the from what I've been through with Kobe
and Phil people that I'm serious people that I've been through a lot of things
we've created a deep connection and friendship they've seen all the side to
me and it's been one of the best things I've ever experienced
as a former athlete the share the same thought about it up
and the thing with it I sometimes watch the games in DC that
you see Kobe a look at how they'd know it with say anything they know each
so well and the biggest thing with just power general
I respect so much is he at I I kinda like
go the same way about those about that way he'd
presents itself there's more than just sport is more like I
people like a little while but you owe him a four-player club way more you know
still do community service thing I'm still I want to other into these unlike
some people just
hold on to that that's all they I mean what time you know they'd eat broccoli
are a lot of bought a professional exactly I did that all they do that
they they're consumed in it but it's just so great to see a guy that says the
they cannot do more things that help you know go but I mean I went to Spain last
superstars be in Barcelona billboard him at him and his brother
Hobart everywhere down market they are I mean their superstar threads with
great to see how this guy can handle the pressures
%uh Los Angeles hando how every by scrutinize in trade rumors
setback still hit you know still did what he had to do
best like best wanna bet the best big man some foreign league
right now with the skill set you know I get the I got nothing bad to say about
I think of nothing that is going to read his legacy is he
kinda pave the way for all these other the Ricky Rubio's in markets all a
all the spare Rudy Fernandez all these guys that came from spain
they wouldn't they might not about that up to remember pounder I would say that
the foundation was laid by Gregg Popovich in the San Antonio Spurs when
they started bringing over European player
nato does they're they're still not dominating but the winning
this hypothesis that they're going to $10.1 they're dominating there then
may be the dominating you know of a dominating the pastry
nigga yeah a pair of pages look at are right here
and and he I guess are okay with the soon
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Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol - You've Got a Friend in Me

2067 Folder Collection
邦邦仔 published on March 30, 2015
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