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The gold Apple Watch is a truly revolutionary product,
but its most groundbreaking feature is that it allows you to communicate with unrivaled accuracy that you have $10,000.
What sets the gold Apple Watch apart from your average Rolex
is that everyone knows exactly how much it costs.
People would be like, ho-ly shit.
Doesn't that thing cost $10,000?
Then they'll know, you have that much money.
Apple Watch comes in gold, steel, and aluminium.
And because all three are functionally identical, the only difference between them is how much money you make.
The gold Apple Watch saves so much time.
If I want to check my net worth for instance, I just look at my wrist.
Oh yeah. I'm rich.
The Apple Watch gives you a revolutionary new way to communicate with your loved ones.
Instead of writing them a text that says how you feel, they can just look at your wrist,
and they will know.
The gold Apple Watch, the best $10,000 you'll ever spend,
until two years from now you'll need to buy another one.
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Why the Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000

19554 Folder Collection
Ray Du published on April 11, 2015
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